Poser Pro 11 Sale Sept 21-30, 2016

  • Poser Pro 11 is on sale through noon PDT on September 30, 2016.

    If you haven't moved up to Poser Pro 11 yet or are thinking about getting it for the first time, now is a good time. Both new user and upgrades are discounted.

    Buy Poser Pro 11 now
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    And if you know anyone who may be interested in Poser, feel free to let them know about the sale.


  • I have Poser 11 now, I purchased the upgrade to Pro.
    I Downloaded a fresh Downloader app, used the new serial number issued, during install it prompted me to Uninstall the existing and then installed.
    But, I find I am still only with P11, no Pro features are there?
    What happened and how do I successfully upgrade to Pro?

  • Both Poser 11 and Poser Pro11 use the same program just the serial number is different. Go into Help-->Personalize and put your PP11 serial number in. Most likely your non Pro number is in the serial number slot. Also you may want to deactivate that copy so that you can place it on another machine if want.

  • Thanks! That was it!
    Heck, guess I didn't need to re-download at all.....just good housekeeping I guess.