P11 interface colour change, just because I could!

  • Well, the one thing I've not liked about recent versions of Poser is the fact that I have been stuck with the (in my opinion) nasty horrible grey interface. Time was the paint bucket tool let you change the screen colour, then it became editing the .psd files, until today I finally realised it's (and let's be honest, wasting hours doing it!!!) editing the .svg files. So after installing Inkscape as I had no vector graphic program, I finally managed to get my interface mostly my preferred green. Although I may need to work on a few more bits as it's not perfect yet.
    So here, just for no other reason than because I could, is my green P11 Pro. :)
    Yes I know, pointless, but I'm on holiday and passing the time!


  • @raven

    Looks nice ^__^

  • Ohhhh, I have Inkscape. Hmmmmm, now you've got me thinking, though I don't mind the grey, I'd like it a nicer shade of grey. Hmmmmm . . .