Masks in Poser ... Second skin?

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    Ok, I'm going back to basics and trying to come up with a simple "add" feature to create a mat file for second skins that could include the textures. Here is what I have on a "blank" V4. This is applied to the torso, hip and nipples. I do plan on applying the bump for fabric edges when I figure it out. I don't want anything elaborate with tons of nodes. But here is my problem. Once this is set up ... if I have a shader in place it overrides the SSS ect. of the "exposed skin" of the upper torso and the thighs from the original shader. I'd like to maintain those settings while adding these. Also a Cycles version would be awesom, I've been working unsuccessfully on that. I guess the last feature is I want to be able to apply textures and mapps to the maasked area, like I did with this pattern, but say, add leather, satin ... etc. What do you guys think?


  • for cycles just use a mix closure in place of the blender node and drive the FAC of that mix with the mask.

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    I will start the cycles version tomorrow morning with more questions. Thanks!

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    Hi boni,
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your shader setup for the bodygloves.

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    Still working on it. The massive Windows update tied up my system for ... 3 hours.

    Things I've noticed:

    • This set up does NOT work in the Cycles root or the Physical root. Turns everything black or white, even when inverting the mask.
    • Have not figured now to retain settings for skin.
    • Have not figured how to expand procedural textures for masked area.

    Any help in these areas would be greatly appreciated .


  • in cycles (and somebody correct me if I'm wrong) There are two nodes that take the place of Poser's blend node. Mix Closure for data or mixing two shaders and Mix (in the cycles color drop menue). In Blender they call these Mix Shader and Mix RGB from the tutes that I've watched on Youtube. If you plug a Fresnel node into the Fac of these nodes they act like an edge blend node driven by the IOR of the Fresnel.

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    Hi Boni,
    In July 2911, I did a demo about this (with pictures) at renderosity.

    On page 1 starts the simple solution.

    On page 2 we continue, and end up with letting Poser build the mask for us.
    All we need is a bit of planning, (know were to put the true white) so that Poser is able to create the mask for us internally.

    You"ll see a screengrab somewhere "No mask needed in this setup". => That's were Poser builds the mask for us in Math_Functions 2 and 3 that we used in the Blender node to get the "texture" outfit on the figure.

    And Math_Functions_2 build the Bump/Displacement. Otherwise it would look just like bodypaint...

    Best regards, Tony

    Don't be scared, I am in there too.... LOL.

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    @vilters Tony, you are a dear! Thank you ... between this and stuff I'm learning aboutcycles. I'll get this, and share my results for newbies!! And not so niewbies, apparently!

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    Thanks Boni.

    If you choose the first option, you have to paint a mask.

    If you let Poser create the mask for you? => As in "No separate mask needed".
    True WHITE is where the figures original skin will be.

    the txt and pictures at renderosity explain it all.
    Have a nice day.

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    I'm coming up iwth a mess ... my mats aren't the same type as those in the demo ... but that actually brings me up to the need to clarify my goals which are:

    1. to create compound "add" nodes that apply a second skin to any V4 I have without interfering with the shader already in place.
    2. Applying a pattern or map to the second skin shader.
    3. Tactile texturing (satin, leather, velvet etc.) to accompany the add-on

    Theoretically this should be possible. Setting it up is confounding me because I have not mastered the blending and math functions. I keep thinking that I can group effects into a tidy little package then just add to a texture and plug into a blend/math funciotn and redirect the core shader to the blender and viola ... but maybe I'm dreaming.

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    I'm trying to learn how to do the masks on a layer above the base layer in Superfly.
    That way they can be used on any character with any texture map because they will be applied ABOVE the texture map.
    I got those lines around the torso and have not figured out how to get rid of them.
    attached image shows the lines.

    I asked Dimension3d how to do make the layers and here is his response.
    I'll post this but I may be away from the computer today.


    Dimension3d" response.
    "To create overlays for SuperFly, you better use the new layer system. Layers can be loaded from a material collection without changing the existing material, so they can be easily distributed and applied. (But you have to save the complete material collection and then remove the main shaders to have the layers only.) The only drawback is that layers are SuperFly only, they don't work on FireFly.

    To change an existing material into an overlay is also pretty simple. You create a new MixClosure and connect it to Surface input in CyclesSurface. You use the mask on Fac, the actual shader on Closure1, and a new TransparentBsdf on Closure2. For materials with PoserSurface as root, you would have to use the mask as alpha mask (transparency, specular value etc).

    ![alt text](image url)

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    So glad you are working on this too. I am really interested in learning this as I think the layer aspect to Poser 11 is a very powerful feature.

  • @lululee You have to have the same material applied to the limbs as is on the torso. IOW if you have a mat on the torso with the base layer being skin and a second layer being a bikini or tattoo or anything else you will have to have the same setup for the limbs or you will have those lines where the mat zones meet. Alternatively you might see if you have something set different on the base layers.

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    I originally wanted to do this on layers but found that the secondary layer corrupted the shader on the lower layer, is there a work around? Besides that contradicts my goal to have a "blank" area where the skin is to apply to any already existing character shader. If we can get this to work we will have a great reusable overlay for all characters ( specific to a model such as V4).

  • @Boni were you rendering in Superfly or Firefly? Can you post up your mat (all layers) that is having a problem? Can you post a picture of what you are calling corruption?

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    I will try to get those screen shots tomorrow morning or Monday, I have limited access to my work computer on the weekend. Weekends are family time.

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    By the way, this is being rendered in superfly. But it would be cool to make it backward compatible. But that would be two separate configurations.

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    Here is the set up:

    1. Paris character full morphs and shaders on base layer.
    2. BASIC trans Second skin applied to "layer_1".
    3. I need to avoid the situation in the quote WITHOUT adding a matterial to the skin area as that will counter act the purpose of this module entirely. I need to find a work around.

    @ghostship said in Masks in Poser ... Second skin?:

    @lululee You have to have the same material applied to the limbs as is on the torso. IOW if you have a mat on the torso with the base layer being skin and a second layer being a bikini or tattoo or anything else you will have to have the same setup for the limbs or you will have those lines where the mat zones meet. Alternatively you might see if you have something set different on the base layers.

    But I did make the layer not interfere the settings on the shaders, other than the "lines".


    The extra map nodes are there for "experimentation". and YES, i know the cycles nodes are not attached to the root node. It did NOT work when it was. Just showed black or white beyond the mask.

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    Next steps:

    1. eliminate the lines without adding map to layer
    2. build a node to add shader-textures for satin, leather, velvet etc. to "add" to the second skin (plus the bump/displacement) without interfering with the base layer.
    3. Pack it up in a compound shader add on for distribution.

  • @Boni

    try this: for the limbs, face, lips (yes the lips too or you will have those awful lines around the lips) possibly the nails too, you will have to create a second layer that is transparent. That should get rid of the lines at the mat zones.