How about VR support for next poser?

  • Support for HTC VIVE would be nice so that we can view our scenes in VR.
    Hope the development team is actually considering it :)

  • How would this be useful for Poser users? I would rather they stick with core capabilities like stand based hair, the face room, improving Superfly etc.

  • I know it would be damn fun creating your scenes from within!

  • If Poser continues it's collaboration with Blender then particle based hair is more likely. Face room is only ever going to be for core Poser content (IMHO). However, Blender is bringing out VR rendering (mixing images from 2 cameras) as well as adaptive subdivision (reduces geometry according to distance from camera) as well as micropolygon displacement (so hopefully we get that function in Superfly like we have in Firefly).

    3D animation is a 'thing', and if Poser wants to stay relevant, it will come. I do agree they have more pressing things to deal with first.

  • ouch - I would need to buy more hardware for this version of Poser, in that case ??

  • ...and Nvidia 3D Vision?

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    It is possible to create VR images via Octane and the Poser plugin.
    Not a cheap solution though - you need a good NVidia videocard and licenses for Octane and the plugin - but it works very well

  • Images are fine, but i meant realtime, preview rendering in VR so when i shape my character using a morph tool i can just walk around her and shape her mesh with my wand... :)

  • I think VR for this would be a HUGE mistake. It's not needed to get poser back on track and would just seem Gimmicky to a lot of potential buyers.

    What poser needs to get out of its rut and push toward the top would be the following:

    1. Lower entry price
    2. Full cycles engine (Having particles would blow most similar competition out of the water)
    3. New figures that are constantly updated and improved. Something to compete with G3 and content to go with it.

    I truly believe that these changes would bring Poser back toward the top of the hobbyist/professional level 3D program usage.

    Just my opinion of course but I believe my thinking is sound on this one.

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    Personally I rather see that they update the Hair Room and the Cloth Room before adding anything more to the program.