External Library in PP11

  • I finally bought the newest version of Poser, up from PP2014, and during my setup of preferences, I noticed that no choice exists for using the Library as an Adobe Air (i.e. external) window; has the facility for using the library externally been removed?

    I did a forum search, and I see no references to the answer; if I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

    Even with a larger display, using the library as a docked window is, uh, clumsy.

    Thanks for helping!

  • Library can be undocked/set to float, did you try that?

  • Yes, I did.

    It simply sits on top of the main display and obscures it. It can be moved within the confines of that space only.

    The external library of PP2014 was a separate program, and I could switch between it and the main Poser program by selecting the taskbar icon. It fed any selected Poser item (figure, pose, mat, etc.) directly into the main Poser window.

    Now I cannot have the library open to a usable size without either sacrificing the size of the scene space or obscuring the main program window altogether if the library is un-docked.

    What happened to Adobe Air? Wasn't that how it operated before?

    The library in a separate window is important to my workflow.

    Can it be enabled? Please note that this was not mentioned in any of the promotional materials for the sale of PP11.

  • @mpdugas Apologies if this is a stupid question, but did you try clicking on the library icon (looks like a bunch of books)? That shows and hides the library pane.

    0_1474661585086_Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.12.06 PM.png

  • As far as i know, dropping Adobe Air was a consequence of Flash technology being dropped by IT industry as a whole.

    @pgdugas, did you try checking-off "Drag-docking enabled" in float menu?

  • That's helpful, but for it to work, the library has to be docked; that means it has to take space in the main window.

    So I tried that suggestion anyway.

    When I try to open the Library portion of the main work space to a very large size, so that I can use the 'books' to close it, it gets into a fight with the Parameters window, which won't let Library expand.

    It got so bollixed up that I had to remove PP11.

    I'm going to re-install and see if a clean start can fix it.

  • I use the library permanently undocked. It floats over top, off to one side, while I use it. I use the "books" to hide it when necessary. It doesn't interfere with any other window this way.

    0_1474662622062_Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 2.29.46 PM.png

  • Yes, I can drag the un-docked Library around, in a usable size, but I cannot see the Scene window, or most of the underlying program utilities at all.

    I must admit, this is baffling to me; are there some sort of critical flaws in Adobe Air that make this functionality so untrustworthy? I'm not talking about Flash, but the separate window function of Adobe Air. I always counted that feature as very valuable, and I am very surprised that it was removed without some sort of mention.

  • @James_in_3D

    I'm going to try that, once I get PP11 re-installed.

    It just seemed so much more efficient to run the library as a separate process than burdening an already-sluggish Poser even more.

    Well, I have my 30 days...

  • @mpdugas I don't miss the Air based library. I got tired of the constant "You need to update Adobe Air" pop ups I got. The only thing I liked about the Air-based library is that it would automatically go to the background. I don't find Poser Pro 11 sluggish at all, and no slower with the library pane open. >shrug<

  • I don't care if it's air based or not. I do miss having the external library. I currently have it floating and dragged to a second monitor, but if I'm rendering, I can't minimize it. Where Poser seems to want to pop to the foreground with so many things I do, it gets annoying. I can no longer use mouse keys to move it if my 2nd screen isn't functioning. And I can't use snap on it. Something I didn't realize how much I did until I couldn't do it. And like James, I like it going automatically to the background.

  • Well, the re-install took some time, of course.

    I un-docked the Library pane, dragged it to a size that is almost as large as the main window, and found that I needed to close it to minimize it, then re-open it with the 'books' icon.

    When I re-open it, it sometimes does not maintain the size I closed it in, so I have to re-size it. It also does not reliably retain the appearance changes that I make, like icons-versus-list, and on rare occasions, it also drops the extended details panel, occasionally reverting the icon size and spacing to its default choosing.

    Sometimes, I just dream...I fantasize that SM will polish, polish and polish old Poser, so that the core functions work reliably and efficiently. I hope that maybe all the encumbrances (aka features) can be made optional, like add-ons to a well-sorted core product.

    It's trying so hard to do so much with so little.

    With the 'other company' expanding into Poser's space, and the once-proud supporters of Poser (e.g. RDNA) abandoning them, times are getting lean and sketchy for old Poser. I'm hoping that someone at SM doesn't spoil the franchise.

    Having owned every iteration of Poser save for version 2, I kinda like the product.

    I'm not sure if this one is a keeper, though. 30 days will tell the tale.

  • Horses for courses, I guess. I don't bother opening PP2014 any more, let alone Poser 7. The library floats with my set up, almost full screen when open, works fine. I don't really see how tapping the 'books' icon is any more onerous than tapping an icon on the task bar... but maybe that's just me.

  • I'm with you @piersyf.

  • I should admit to having a dual monitor set up, though. Always did using Poser, even from a laptop.

  • @piersyf and @James_in_3D

    Truth be known, I am happy for the solution. I never complained that tapping the little icon was 'more onerous' than doing the same with the taskbar icon. But then, I never found that updating AIR was tiring, either. So, no need to pose (pun intended) a straw dog.

    My main complaint about having to use this lash-up is the simple fact that it operates within the main Poser program memory space, almost full-screen, and not out of it. It makes a sluggish program even more so; it's a kludge...a jury-rig substitute for a better practice. I watch it pause, in its snowy splendor of pure whiteness, as if catching its breath before it moves on and displays the icons I need. The software "Pause that Refreshes", so-to-speak.

    That's an engineering problem more worthy of solution than the use of silly, rigid tool boxes for a UI. Poser needs less encumbrance, not more. I never had to give the AIR window a thought; it performed as it should, quietly and efficiently in the background, just doing its job. This still seems a step backwards to me.

    No one ever complained that AIR, running on their Poser, compromised the security of their computer, have they?

    I'm betting it is much more likely that SM had to pay a fee to use the AIR technology and wanted to save a penny or two by avoiding the Adobe license.

    I'm glad that you like your PP11; I'm hoping to, too.

    The jury is still out on this one.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    I wrote the library that is gone. It uses "Flex" which runs in Flash or Air. Flash and Air, while capable of doing the same algorithms with the same data structures, are not the same. As a developer, I always used the Air version as it was easier to debug. SM never asked for the Air version, it fell out of how Flex works.

    When the folks at SM got hold of the Air version, they liked it and exposed it as a Pro feature.

    The Air (external) mode was always how I used it, even as a user, because of its natural ability to get out of the way.

    SM did not have to pay for Air. That is not why it is gone. It's gone because of the users whining about maintaining Flash and Air.

  • @bagginsbill

    Thanks for reducing the mystery about this; I definitely respect your thoughtful process.

    I always marvel at how people want things determined for them, rather than thinking about their alternatives, then exercising their choices. It's the Apple syndrome grown large, like a malformed tumor.

    If the user declined to pick the external library and, if they still wanted a larger Library window, then all they had to do was the kludge workaround of un-docking and expanding it's floating size or just resizing it as a docked box (I'm not sure that can even be done).

    So for those folks who bitched about occasionally updating AIR, which was a GOOD THING to my way of thinking (since updates sorta equal security), what were their alternatives?

    The massive, interface-obscuring expanded-and-undocked Library window?

    A docked, small Library box?

    That large, undocked Library window, drawn within the main Poser interface, has to consume more Poser-managed memory. That cannot be a good idea, since Poser is already a memory-leaking resource hog.

    It's simple: you don't like to update AIR to keep it secure? Don't use an external Library. Easy-peasy. I'll bet the same users turn the UAC off for the same reason; natural selection at work there.

    This sort of thinking is insensible, as is SM's response of deleting the feature altogether. How can they possibly make such a decision based solely on the noise of whining, squeaky people?

    It is very much akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. SM has every registered user's email; why not poll users on feature decisions?

    Can the feature be re-enabled on PP11 via a configuration change, or is it gone-for-good?

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

  • I never had a problem with updating Adobe Air or any problems with the library in PP2014.

  • @ghostship I never had a problem with the AIR library, either, or with updating it, as annoying as Adobe's frequent security updates could be.