External Library in PP11

  • @ribroast I have my library organized. It's easy to do, no need of a script. Just open up the library on you r desktop and organize things the way you can find them. Then when you get new stuff you put it in the places that YOU want so you can find them.


  • That was a thoughtful and comprehensive reply, so thank you for that suggestion!

    I have 49 separate runtimes that I link to Poser, so the embedded (docked) window was simply useless to me. If I opened it up big enough in the main Poser window to actually see my stuff, it would obscure the whole working space.

    Dropping the external library was a significant step backward and for such a meaningless rationalization.

    I really dislike the whole Poser UI that has been in place for a while now; it looks like it was designed by an engineer, not an artist.

    Doesn't anyone remember when you could put work elements anywhere on the program screen that was sensible and useful to you? This 'box-style' thing is too rigid, inflexible and confining.

    The use of a separate browser to access the runtimes in tabs was a good idea, but not supported. So there is that. Good idea and easily one that could have been integrated into Poser seamlessly. Not supported.

    I don't know what motivates SM. I only react to my experience, so I will keep my PP2014 and am awaiting my refund on PP11; it just had too many problems to be worth even the heavily discounted price.

    All good things come to an end, I suppose. Poser may be one of them, unfortunately.

    I will, however, take a look at your suggestions for using the P3Do utility with PP2014.

  • Sorry but my previous post did not post completely. Half of it ended up in italics, and when I tried to edit, most of it was lost. I learned the hard way to copy and paste stuff like that to a text file so here is what I meant to say: Paste
    My two cents. I guess I would fall into the "whiner" category as one who hates on Adobe Flash, Air, Reader, etc due to the constant barrage of updates. I never actually whined about it in any forums though, more like grumbled to myself about it. As for the Poser library problem, I rarely use it except for adding runtimes so Poser can find the files it needs to load content. My runtime libraries are totally unmanageable as far as actually finding what I want in there, just a HUGE mess. Partially due to content developers using really dumb names for stuff, like I have no idea what figure a !!_Red Dress is supposed to fit as a example.
    My solution (Windoze Only) is to use a program called P3Do Explorer (Senosoft) in conjunction with another program called PX (Dimmension3D) as my library. P3Do is a explorer like program optimized for Poser (and Studio) files and it runs totally independent of Poser. PX is a shell extension for Windows that adds context sensitive entries on the Windows right click menu depending on what type of Poser file you right click on. For instance, R-clicking on a cr2 file shows "Conform to..." and R-clicking on a pz2 file shows "Apply To..." and so on. There is more than one option for each Poser file type. PX works on shortcuts to Poser files as well and P3Do uses shortcuts to organize your content in a way that makes sense to you. So you would have to create those shortcuts for it all before you could really benefit from P3Do. What I did years ago (Poser user since P4, every version to present) was to create a brand new runtime and install everything from scratch, logging it all in P3Do as I went. So if I installed a outfit for V3 I would create a shortcut in a V3 folder in P3Do like: Daz People, V3, Clothing, Category (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Etc...) Item (The outfit) and I would put shortcuts for all of that outfits stuff in there. And I did this for everything, Props, Lights, everything in folders that make sense to me. Its a big job but when its done such a joy to work with. PX came along a few years later, and when I realized I could use it from within P3Do Explorer, that was a good day. You don't need P3Do Explorer to use PX, you can use it from Windows explorer if you wish, but P3Do has many Poser tools and a preview window which is nice. The library of shortcuts you create in P3Do resides at: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Senosoft\P3dO Explorer\Favorites. This is a folder that gets backed up so I can restore it as needed. It is very important to use a consistent path for your runtime from one computer to another so it will work on different machines. My runtime libraries are on a server (Debian) and I always map the drive to W:\ in Windoze but that is up to you. If your runtime is in the Documents folder under a certain username and the path is different on the next computer your shortcuts won't work and I have not been able to figure out how to change the path inside of a shortcut. This system worked so good for me for many years up to Windows 8. P3Do Explorer shows icons for content just like the stock Poser library and hides the .cr2 files etc, well ever since Win 8 I could not load Poser content through the right click menu (PX) anymore as poser thought I was conforming a PNG file to put it simply. Took me awhile to figure out a easy fix. In P3Do explorer go to Tools, Options, General and check Split Associates. Now you will see all of the files and you must right click on the cr2 instead of the PNG icon in order for it to work. Kind of a bummer but it still works anyways. The next pitfall I experienced using PX came about a year ago when I bought a Canon Camera, which uses the .cr2 extension for its RAW picture files. Then Irfanview ended up as the default program for cr2's and broke PX. I know how to change the default program (mimetype in oldspeak) to Poser Content file but PX still thinks it is broke, showing a red X in front of the cr2 extension in the setup utility. I fixed this once before but I can not remember how. I think I had to use regedit, but this is a Windoze problem anyways. I currently have one computer that works and one that don't at the moment. I'll get it sorted back out when I put my mind to it. At any rate, as long as Poser owns all of its filetypes you won't have a problem such as this. With new hardware every so many years and new versions of Windows and Poser it can be a bit of a task to maintain, but I've carried this content management system along for many years and across quite a few different computers . I simply could not enjoy using Poser much without it. I am aware of the favorites system in modern Poser but I was doing it this way for some time before that was added to Poser and I've never used it much. I'm not sure if it could be backed up and restored or moved to a new machine easily.
    Another Poser library I use is a python based solution by Dimmension3D called XL - eXtended Library for Poser. It works exactly like the stock Poser content library but it runs in its own window, can be maximized or resized like a Windows window and you can drag it onto a different monitor. I use it mainly for stuff I created myself so I know where and what it is. My huge runtime is just as much of a disaster and finding anything specific in there is nearly as bad.
    When I started out with Poser 4 I soon realized what a pain content management was going to be and I'd better figure out a system to deal with it. At first I had many small runtimes each dedicated to a certain type of content, but it was even worse to find stuff that way. Then I played around with Daz Studio when it first came out and it could only handle a couple of runtimes without crying. Finally I settled on one (mainly) huge runtime, what a mess. My solution using P3DO and PX together has worked perfectly for me for many years now, but it is getting long in the tooth and with newer versions of Windoze coming out and new Poser versions coming out it gets a bit harder to keep it going. I hope someone comes out with something new soon that is easy to use and allows a person to organize content in a sane manner.

  • @ghostship Interesting. Not exactly sure what I'm looking at, I mean is this the figure library, right? I suppose there's no damage in renaming folders in there. Brilliant really, never thought of it myself. My runtime has nearly a half million files in it at this point. That's everything including folders, jpg's, cr2's, etc. Not a half million pairs of shoes, but everything that goes into a runtime. But there is a heck of a lot of content there. In my system I have all the materials, figures, props, lights or anything that came with a particular product all in it's own folder. Shortcuts that is to it all. It was a lot of work to set up initially, but easy to maintain and I can re-create it on a new computer by simply copying one folder and installing a couple of programs. Did you move, say MAT files to the Character folder or do you organize it all independently? At any rate, thanks for making me think a little bit outside of the box. I have created many of my own cr2 files and understand how Poser uses a relative path from within the cr2 to locate the files it needs to work. You are absolutely correct to do what you did. I've never changed another artist's directory structure myself, never thought of it. Nothing wrong with doing that though. I set my system up many years ago and I update it as content is added. I just fear that I am a Windows update or a Poser version away from it breaking down for good. Still works with Poser 11 and Win 10 for now. I could improve on my system by taking your idea and incorporating it into mine. That way if my software becomes obsolete it would not be nearly as painful. And I could actually find something from within Poser if I felt like it. I would have to start with a fresh runtime and install it all from scratch, organizing as I went. A project for another day I'm afraid.

  • @mpdugas You should give something like XL - eXtended Library for Poser a chance before you throw in the towel. It is a python, therefore runs from within Poser, but it runs in it's own window and act's like a Windows (or Mac) program. You can drag it onto a different monitor and switch focus from the task bar, but it is nested with Poser there. But hey, if you don't like Poser 11 by all means, cash it in for a refund. The library has always been Poser's weakest asset for me, but with 3rd party apps and scripts I've learned to live with it. I never did like the fact that Poser was dependent on Flash in order to use it, so I am happy that it is no longer the case. I would not want to give up the morph brushes or some of the other fantastic features that have been implemented over the years in favor of a better library. Most of the problem with the library is not really Smith Micro's fault anyways. It is the lack of a standard from the get go and the people who develop the content (God bless them) naming stuff in a manner that makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously, at the top of my main runtime there are like a hundred folders that start with some combination of !!!_, just in an attempt to get to the top of the list. In the end it totally defeats the purpose. Thanks to ghostship's post it looks like I will be re-visiting this problem and doing some serious restructuring in there.

  • @ribroast

    Thanks for the suggestions and such, but I only had a 30 day window in which to complete my assessment. That time period has expired, so I had no choice but to cash-out.

    I'm content with the performance of PP2014; it is (relatively) stable and speedy compared to PP11. With the external library, it works really well. Hopefully, PP2014 will stay that way.

    Unfortunately, SM just keeps adding more incomplete 'features' on top of an already shaky foundation, so its collapse is reasonably predictable.

    I just don't have the patience or desire to keep propping Poser up.

    Thanks for your suggestions and concerns. Most of the users here, like any Internet forum, are pretty helpful.

    Happy rendering!