Transfer Brushes, Workspace, Settings to new Computer

  • Hello,

    I need to transfer all my brushes, my workspace setup, preferences, etc... over to a new computer. How can I do this? I don't want to have to export all my custom brushes and then import them again along with my entire library of brushes. Is there a folder with everything in it somewhere on the HD that I can copy to my new computer?

    Matt VG

  • Copy and paste the Celsys_En folder located in My Documents from the old computer to the new computer

  • Thanks! That worked, but now every time I open Clip Studio Paint it pops up with a dialogue saying "Preparing to use. Do not start other CLIP STUDIO series until this process is completed." Is there a way to make that stop appearing every launch?

  • Try going to File>Organize Materials. It could be that the database for the materials need to be rebuilt.

  • Neither organizing the materials, nor resetting the installed materials made any difference. I may try finding just the brushes and workspace files and copy only them over to my new computer.

  • Alright, so I got it working properly. It did have to do with the materials. Resetting and organizing them from the File menu in-program didn't work, but in user\Documents\CELSYS_EN\CLIPStudioCommon\Material there are four folders: Alias, Install, Update, and UpdateCatalog. Delete these, then open CSP, File>Reset Installed Materials...

    Now all materials and brushes show properly and the annoying dialogue no longer pops up every time I launch CSP.


    Thank you for your help garlam.