Painter(ly) sketch styles

  • The PP11 promotion video touts Painterly sketch styles (@minute 1:11); does anyone know where are these to be found?


  • Up in the menu bar, you want Window .. Sketch Designer. Then look under the load presets button in the Sketch Designer window. You have to render using the sketch rendering.

    You can also call up the Sketch Designer window by going to Render Settings .. Sketch .. and clicking the Sketch Designer button there.

  • @rlowens68

    Thanks for the helpful answer; I watched the PP11 video, thinking that they had created some Sketch Render profiles that would emulate Corel (Fractal Design, etc.) Painter. I only see the same pre-sets that my PP2014 has.

    So, I guess this was not actually real, these Painter(ly) sketches.

    When I watched the sales video, that little blurb caught my attention, but it is no different than PP2014.

    That's not right. It's not nice to fool your customers.

  • The sketch styles can be customised and saved. One could start with a preset, customise the settings using the sliders and options, and save it under a new name.

  • @ibr_remote

    Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, it is very kind of you to take the time to do so. I do enjoy tinkering with the Sketch Designer.

    I tried, but nothing I could do by way of experimentation produces anything similar to the images shown in the PP11 sales video.

    In fact, I would really like to know how they produced the second of the two images in the Sketch render, namely the figure shown from 1:12 to 1:14. Nothing that I have ever used in the Sketch designer could produce that. It looks like it is something that saw some post-render work in another program outside of Poser.

    In sum, PP11 has no Painterly Sketch Styles.

    No big thing, it was just one of the things that I saw that made me want to buy PP11.

  • Maybe one of the folks at SM could post up their secret sketch render settings.

    I have never used it and there are so many parameters that it makes my head spin. I did get some nice results with the big list of presets that were with it though.

  • I don't know who did the renders but some of them look to me like a few different sketch renders and the comic book preview render styles composited together.

  • @Teyon

    That's what I was thinking; Sketch renders altered by post-processing. I can't get Sketch to produce fine detail like the video shows. That's what attracted my interest when I saw the video.