Any chance SM will release Clip Studio Action and Modeler?

  • I found out about these two programs today and thought it would be great if Smith Micro would import them to complete the Clip Studio package. Also after seeing the large amount of 3d Materials available in the Japanese page compared to the EN site, i feel like I'm missing out.

  • 3D in CSP is an odd thing. CSP isn't very well suited for rending 3D objects. Obviously Poser does a better job of rendering final artwork. The 3D materials in CSP are good for reference but not much good for final art (even the 2DLT conversion can be a bit of a hit or miss when trying to create a final look for line art that can meld with your own artwork). The Japanese CSP store is filled with a bunch of 3D objects that you can use for reference but so is the Google Warehouse. There is a SketchUp plugin that can export skp files as obj which can then be dragged onto the CSP canvas as reference.

    Or - why even bother exporting the SketchUp model as an obj for import into CSP at all? You can use objects from the Google Warehouse and set SketchUp to render as line art (check out Freddie Williams Jr's SketchUp plugin for line art rendering in SketchUp). Export the SketchUp model as an image and import it into CSP for reference.

    As an example, here's a couple Sketchup models exported from SketchUp as images and imported into CSP then converted to line and tone with 2DLT.


    0_1474959153106_sketchup two.jpg

  • @garlam I've actually utilized almost all of the suggestions listed about. My CS now has a large selection of 3d models thanks to Sketchup and Blender obj conversion. The thing is i would also like to have access or create models specifically rigged to work with CS. CS Modeler allows you to mold custom models which can be rigged to have points like the default gender models. I think the functions are basic enough to make it easier to understand compared to other 3d sculpting programs. And I'm not intending to use the 3d models as part of my art, just using them as base reference.

    I don't know much about poser, I've only looked at the features trailer. But when i compare it to modeler the differences are obvious. Poser seems to have access to higher res textures and way better lip synchronization, just to name a few. But correct me if I'm wrong, i don't think it's possible to create models in poser that can be rigged to work the same way the default gender models do. Also Poser is very expensive when compared to modeler which is priced the same as CS pro.

    I think if SM isn't going to localize Modeler or action, then they should take the functionality of both of those programs and integrate them into with the next Poser. Making both programs compatible with each other would add some appeal to poser. But that's just my opinion.

  • Celsys is a different developer than the people that make Poser so I doubt there would be any integration coming.

    I have access to the Japanese CSP Marketplace and there is a guy that makes these low poly manga style models for posing in CSP. I assume he uses Modeller. His are the only models I find interesting on the Marketplace. Maybe if Modeller was available outside of Japan we would see more of those type of things being made; low poly-superhero or low poly The Animated style. But I'm not sure if there is much happening with the rest of the Celsys Studio apps. Hopefully the Celsys people are looking into it to see if there would be an audience for these apps outside of Japan.

    Besides that one guy, I find the Google Warehouse to be a better resource for reference material than the Japanese CSP Marketplace so I wouldn't feel too left out.

  • @DVD201

    But correct me if I'm wrong, i don't think it's possible to create models in poser that can be rigged to work the same way the default gender models do.

    Models exported in FBX format are exported with bones that can be posed in CSP. I've never tried this with Poser though.

  • @garlam yes, the rigged and poseable FBX figures work fine in Poser. (I use both CSP Pro and Poser Pro 11.)

  • @garlam I would definitely like to see low poly western superhero style models. Right now the standard model that comes with CP does not have the capacity to extend shoulders wide enough to be used for a buff hero, or just a really exaggerated buff character. Seems the responses here say fbx poser models work well in CP so i might have to look into Poser as an alternative for now.

  • Unless your computer has some major horsepower high-poly models can bring CSP to a crawl. The native Celsys models rely much more on texture maps for detail than actual, modeled detail. If you have high poly models that are giving you trouble and can edit them try simplifying them and replacing as much detail as you can with a texture.

    If you have a high-poly model I'd also recommend decimating the mesh (I prefer Blender for this since it shows you the consequences before you commit to it). Unless you plan to use the CSP lighting effects, then don't decimate - keep it high-poly and live with the lag because the lighting effects make it really obvious just how lumpy a decimated mesh is.

    If you want FBX character models to adopt poses dragged and dropped onto them the model has to use the same "Celsys Standard Bones" as the native models. If it has different bones you can still pose it, you just have to do so manually every time you place the model.

    If you are exporting your page as an image, high-poly models can take forever to rasterize to 2D at print resolutions, especially if you have a bunch of high-poly models in your layout. You can save yourself this headache by pre-rasterizing each 3D layer before the export (if you still want model position/posee to be editable, duplicate the 3D layer, rasterize the duplicate, and turn off the 3D layer).

    A while back I experimented with different modeling programs (though not Poser) regarding what works and what doesn't for creating/importing character models for CSP. Check out my blog if you want to know more, it's too much to go into here.

  • @OffWorld Oh yes, i ran into your blog when i found out about CS Action and Modeler. I will be reading the blender section once I'm ready to experiment with 3d models.