Simple Male Character with Conforming Clothes for Exercise Illustrations

  • I've purchased Poser 11, hoping to create fitness exercise illustrations for my website. I somewhat figured out how to pose a character, but I can't figure out what to do with the clothes which don't want to conform to its body.

    I even bought Tyler GND, thinking that it was going to be the best model to work with (I'm not sure where I got that idea from :) ...But even his "conforming" shorts (I guess the only piece of clothes that comes with the model) wouldn't really conform as I moved the character around. Legs or buttocks kept on poking through and it was just so frustrating!

    Can somebody help me figure out what I need to do to make this thing work for me? Perhaps I need a different model that has good selection of clothes that conform to his body, or modify some settings, or a good book or a tutorial of sorts...

    Any help will be appreciated!

  • @dand Unless you're doing some extreme poses, most clothes made for a character will usually conform to the model. What type of exercises are we talking about?

  • Lunges, pushups, etc. Basically nothing crazy. And it's only shorts that he's got on.

    While we are on the subject... I thought since he was a character morph of Ryan 2, that the clothes of the Ryan 2 collection would be able to easily conform to Tyler. But it turned out to be a wrong guess. Where do I get clothes for this character? Once again I don't need much, maybe a shirt and a pair of shoes...

  • Just to illustrate, I used Ryan 2 with clothes made for him specifically. I positioned him in a left foot forward lunge and here's what I got (see the right leg poke on the shorts). I'm not even talking about the shorts poking through the shirt. That happened as soon as I added it to the composition. It's like I can only put on either one or the other, not both together.


  • @dand I'm at work right now. If you can give me until 4 PM ET I can help you out better, assuming no one else volunteers.

  • @dand I just loaded Ryan 2 and got the same result that you have. What I would do to fix this is pose him the way you want him, then use the morph brush on the clothing to lift it up.

    0_1475077894835_Morph brush 1.jpg
    0_1475077913509_morph brush 2.jpg
    0_1475077928319_Morph brush 3.jpg
    0_1475077943638_morphbrush 4.jpg

  • Good, I see Ghostship is helping you. I was also going to point out that if you're not comfortable using the morph brush, sometimes you can simply make do with using the x.y.z translation scale dials.

  • Thanks a lot @ghostship!!! I appreciate your detailed instructions.That worked like magic!

  • And thank you @eclark1849! I will try dials as well.