Successful Blender to FBX Importing

  • I know I saw someone asking this somewhere, but now can't find the post! (It was made about 5 months ago).

    If you've ever struggled to properly import an FBX from Blender to Poser, this guide should help, even just a little.

    To start, my model was created with Make Human - exported from Make Human as .mhx2, and imported into Blender as such. That's why mine comes in on such a huge scale, and here's the kicker - I am pretty sure scale is the reason meshes won't show up

    Either way, from your model in Blender to Poser, be sure to export (with Blender 2.7.6) FBX as such:

    • (Which again, works for me because my model is gigantic, but Blender and Poser also play weirdly with each other, so give it a shot)
    • Version: FBX 7.4 binary
    • Uncheck 'selected objects'
    • Scale: 0.10 <--- VERY important! Any other number either made the mesh invisible, or turned my figure into a big pile of twitchy goo.
    • Check 'Apply Unit'
    • Forward: -Z Forward
    • Up: Y Up
    • Check '!EXPERIMENTAL!'
    • I exported just the Arma, Mesh, and Other, but I am sure you could export the empties, camera, and lamps as well. Not so sure if they'd show up.
    • Check 'Apply Modifiers'
    • Everything below this point you can leave as default.

    Now, when you import into Poser, keep your Geometry at 100, and let it fly!

    Let me know if this works for you all!

    (P.S., if anyone can find that user who was struggling with this problem as I have, please share it with them!)

  • @msmisha I very much appreciated finding this posted method. I've been struggling to get XPS models into Poser, and Blender's XPS plug-in, together with these instructions and caveats (especially the scale and selecting the correct "Forward" axis) were just what was required.

    Poser's FBX import still laughably fails at texture imports, though mostly because Poser still does not yet support PNG files with Alpha (at least they're now ignored), which many XPS models require for transparency mapping. A quick pass through Photoshop to extract the Alpha maps and save them as separate transparency PNG files gets Poser back up off the mat, though.

    0_1545848157918_Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.05.53 am.png NIER Automata's 2B character imported into Blender with the XPS plugin.
    0_1545848237117_Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.06.11 am.png The Blender FBX exported character at 0.1 scale imported into Poser. Everything is transparent as the Diffuse map was used as transparency directly. (Standing figure is a normal sized V4 character I intend to apply 2B's outfit to).
    0_1545848837251_Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 5.26.21 am.png Intermediate results of converting hair, headband and blindfold props for V4.

    I found that parenting all of the separate figures (which all use identical copies of the armature once imported) to a grouping object allows the figures to be scaled, which cannot be done directly due to conforming issues or some other FBX strangeness.