POSER Pro 11 Extra Content

  • Once I have unzipped the extra content that I downloaded with POSER 11, how do I install it? I am using MAC and PC. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • I assume you downloaded PP11 and the content files through the SM Download Manager, and if so, that's how you would install it. Once you've finished downloading the files, the Download buttons should change to Install buttons, and that's how you would then install the software and the content files.

    Hope that helps.

  • @Miss-B
    Yes. All is from SmithMicro. I installed software and files associated with it as it opened in the SM Download Manager. I have some other extra content files that were zipped that I downloaded. one of the readme files in the folder says..... see below.... it appears to be out of date......


    Windows: Unzip to your Poser6 or 7 Directory.

    Macintosh: Unzip to a safe location and copy items
    into to your Poser6 or 7 Directory being careful not to
    overwrite existing folders.


    For answers to any questions regarding this package, please use the contact form at www.ContentParadise.com

  • Ahhh, OK. I usually unzip to a temp folder on my desktop, and then move items folder by folder from there to my DS3A, P9 or PP11 installation, depending on where I want it (or it needs) to reside.

    As far as the installation instructions go, what they suggest is to "unzip" the contents directly to Poser. I don't do that because I often move items I can access directly, such as Material files, where I want them, and not necessarily where they would go by default. By doing the installation manually, I get to choose where things go.

    Some folks don't mind having content installed in their default locations, so they just unzip directly to their Poser directory. As a general rule, any folders that aren't in the various Library folders that have to be installed to their default locations, because they aren't accessed directly through the Poser Library.

    As far as Mac installations, I've never owned a Mac, so I can't be sure, but it sounds similar to what I do for my manual installs with Windows, but I don't know where a "safe place" would be on a Mac, so can't make any suggestions as far as that goes.

  • ok. Thanks

  • I did this:
    in POSER 11 there is a 'file/Install from ZIP Archive' where it installs a zipped file without having to unzip it.

    0_1475169291337_install ZIP.png

  • I've seen that, but haven't tried it out. Did it work as you expected?

  • One thing to watch out for (esp. with ZIPs from DAZ) is that the root directory must be "runtime" -- DAZ tends to put it all into a folder named "content" and others have everything in a folder named "MyLibrary" (or some such) so anyway, inside that is the runtime folder. If you're not careful, you could end up with multiple runtimes within your main runtime and wondering why stuff isn't showing up.. I have an app called "BetterZip" that on my Mac allows me to preview the content/structure of a zip file without opening the app (love MacOS's quick view!).

  • @cartoonMike Oh good point about the extra folders DAZ uses in it's zips. I hadn't thought of that since the OP only mentioned CP, not DAZ, but that's definitely something to consider.

  • @Miss-B It definitely worked in Poser Pro 2012, so I have no reason to doubt that it works perfectly fine in the latest version as well. I used to install all of my content that way. Since then I've learned to manually extract things so that I can put them where I want.

  • I started manually installing years ago when I started playing in DS 2, because at the time I absolutely hated Poser 5's Library setup, so when I stopped using P5 on a very old desktop (circa Windows 98 SE), I started using DS 2 all the time on my then Windows XP Pro laptop.

    Thanks to a suggested way of doing things, leaving Geometries and Textures in the folders where they belong, I learned to put things where they were most convenient for me to work with, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it worked when I got back to Poser with version 9. It may take longer to do it manually, but then I don't have to go in and move things around to suit my workflow, so in the end it really doesn't take that much longer.