Ruler not working after reactivation, Plus+ can I lock the dimensions of my Concentric Circle ruler?

  • I have noticed that my rulers (Linear, Special, Perspective, Guide, Symmetrical) some times stop working after I deactivate/reactivate them a couple of times.

    Is there a reason for this and is there a solution apart from making another ruler from scratch?

    Plus is it possible to lock the dimensions of the concentric circle ruler for scaling?

  • If you click on the ruler with the Object tool, you should be able to activate it (if it's inactive) by clicking the diamond shape located near the pivot crosshairs.

    When you say "lock the dimensions" do you mean the radius of the circle? Concentric circles radiate out from the center so you can draw a circle at any scale. To draw a circle at a specific radius draw a ruler from the center.


  • I would like to lock the dimensions so when I scale the already made circle ruler, it maintains its shape. It's something I have not been able to figure out with the Concentric ruler.

    Also I know how to activate & inactivate with the ruler controls.

    This lack of response is when I activate & inactivate rulers in a layer by holding shift and clicking on the ruler icon in the layer window. Sometime I inactivate the layers and when I re-activate the rulers from the layer controls. They show up active but it doesn't work.

    I have made sure my snap to ruler, special ruler is on and I can't figure out why it happens. aka I don't know what i'm doing to trigger this issue. It randomly happens.

  • The only thing I can think that might cause this problem is that a Snap has been disabled somewhere. If you click the ruler with the Object tool and open the Sub Tool Detail Palette, you should see a check on Snap under Special Ruler. Is the Snap to Special Ruler activated in the Command Bar? Does the brush still have Snap enabled?


    Usually to lock the ratio of an object when scaling, you hold Shift but it doesn't work with the Concentric Circles ruler. The Concentric Circle ruler will make circles at any size on the canvas regardless of how big or small the ruler itself is. There isn't much reason to scale the ruler unless you just want to get it out of the way while you make the circles.

  • I just read your second post again and saw that you already checked the Snaps. I can't find any other way to make a ruler inactive.

  • @garlam Its weird I know. I have to pay more attention to my series of moves or clicks which lead to that hiccup.

  • @CreativeRaul I've read other posts that say that a ruler has stopped working after opening a file; as though closing the file and then opening it again kills the ruler. I don't know if that poster ever found a solution and I've never had anything like that happen to me. There might be a bug in play.