How to load an HDRI image file in Poser?

  • Okay, I have followed the instructions given and I'm getting some interesting renders, but two things:

    1. I don't have PP11 yet, but it's good to get that information anyway. I do have Blender, so I think I can use this info on my Cycles renders though.

    2. Like Boni's render, I'm getting an inordinate amount of blue tint in my render and it's darkening the figure not lighting it.

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    The important thing is to use a real HDRI - which is an HDR image with the proper mapping.
    The HDRI contain much more information as just the colormap, it hold also information about the brightness. A sun is much brighter as a white sky.

    To give you an example, in the attached images here I use no lights except the HDRI. It uses BB's environment sphere with an HDRI you all have - the HDRVFX_pond_01_v_002.HDR which can be found in Poser textures folder (HDRVFX).
    It works very well in both firefly and superfly

    This is superfly

    And this is firefly

  • Really nice Wim!

  • Well, I did have to use a light or two to get this, but I think's pretty good for my first HDRI render.!(0_1461122204342_Guardian Angel.jpg

  • Since Poser11 SR3 you can also the background node as a Cycles environment texture, I had a post about this at RDNA and CGBytes. Other people have worked with it and improved it.!!
    Here is my latest material room setup

    0_1461190807873_Background setup.JPG

    A HDRI-file must be loaded in the image input of the EnvironmentTexture node.
    You can use the value input in the HSV node to lower the light.
    The Y-value in the rotation input of the mapping node, can be used to rotate the image, the values have to be in radian, so 3,141593 in 180 degrees.
    The X-value of the scaling input of the mapping node has to be -1, otherwise the image is mirrored.
    The Z-value of the scaling input, can be used to zoom in or zoom out.

    Here's a sample (HDRI and one infinite light)
    0_1461191201000_Background render.jpg

  • I was trying to use the EnvironmentTexture method and finding the rotation does NOT work at all. I tried the X, Y, and Z values. When I render the background did not change. The scale does NOT work as well. I am using the latest version of SR for Poser 11.

    Am I missing something?

  • @willdial
    The background hdri environment works only in foreground rendering. If you use background rendering or remote rendering it won't work. Which is very annoying in mine opinion.

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    @bopperthijs have you reported this as a bug to SM? It definitely needs to be looked into.

  • @Boni
    I've mentioned it in the poser 11 sr.5 thread, because before sr5 background rendering wasn't available.
    As far as I know it isn't so much a bug, but it hasn't been implemented in background rendering and queue manager rendering yet.
    So we will have to wait until the next service release.

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    Yes, one of those things that I KNEW but didn't register in my silly mind. Carry on. ;)