• Hello guys. I don't know how to explain cause my English isn't the best. My question is in how much percent of zoom do you work? I mean how much do you set your zoom and start draw? I started with 100% but I saw in YouTube videos the professionals work in 25-66%

  • It will depend how big your monitor is and your personal preference. CSP will allow you to view your canvas at print size on your monitor. Go to File>Preferences>Canvas>Display Resolution and use a ruler to set the display resolution (unless you already know the resolution and you can just enter it in the field). To view your canvas at this print size, then you need to go to View and select Print Size.

    If you set up your canvas at art board size, 9.5X14.5 inches, then viewing the canvas at Print Size will show your canvas at the real size that artists draw on when they draw on paper. If you have your canvas set up at actual print size (6X10) then you will see how your illustration will look when it is printed (reduced about 70%). To see the canvas at art board size you would have to increase the size of the Print View by 1.45 times.

    Since everyone has different size monitors there is no standard zoom that people use.

  • Well my experience is that if I draw in lower zoom than 100% I have better results the inking is better cause I use larger pen,pencil and brush sizes. I have Cintiq 13hd

  • On a 13hd I would think that 100% would be huge. A Print Size 600ppi canvas would be viewed at print size at around 19% or so on a monitor that size. Art board size would be around 27%. My math could be off but I'd say around the 30% range would be good if your canvas is 6X9 inches at 600ppi. .

  • @garlam so if I understood right 1) for my monitor the ideal zoom Is around 27-30% and 2) as much larger is a monitor you can work in larger number of zoom, is it right?
    Thank you very much for your replies

  • 100% is probably going to be huge on any monitor. A 6X9 inch canvas at 600 ppi is going to be 3700X5550px. A 13" retina display is 2560X1600px.

  • @garlam The printing size will be 3700X5550px but in my screen will be 2560X1600px. Did I understand right?

  • Right. If you can calculate how big your canvas is in pixels and if you know the dimensions of your monitor in pixels then you would know how big the canvas is compared to the monitor.

    For example:

    a 6X9 inch canvas at 450 ppi is 2700X4050 pixels (6 inches X 450 ppi = 2700 and 9 inches X 450 = 4050)

    a 6X9 inch canvas at 600 ppi is 3600X5400 pixels ( 6X600=3600 and 9X600= 5400)

    The 13hd is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

    The monitor would be smaller than the size of your canvas in pixels so at 100% the canvas is bigger than the monitor screen.

  • @garlam thank you very much for your help. It was really useful.

  • One more question, the ideal zoom is to see the whole page ? or a part of the page ?

  • There is really no ideal. No standard. The View has settings for viewing the whole canvas in the window, or seeing the canvas as it would appear on the printed page. If a printed comic can fit in the dimensions of your monitor then you would see the whole page on the monitor.

    Imagine that your monitor is a piece of glass and you lay it on top of your printed comic. Whatever you can see in the glass is what you would see of your canvas on your monitor. But you don't need to draw at print size. You don't need to draw at any size in particular. Most comic artists that work on paper work on art boards that are 9.5X14.5 inches (about 1.45 times larger than print). It's an arbitrary increase in size based on one artist's idea that working at slightly larger than print size was faster than working on art board that was double the size of print. Even after 9.5X14.5 became the standard art board size in the industry, there were still artists that worked at double the size.

    Zoom in as far as you like.