Poser Pro 11 Geom Line & Colour Comic - picture

  • I used the Geometric Line and Colour Comic function to create this image in the style of Visual Novel otome Games from Japan. I am using old content: this is Tiff785's Bishonen character set for DAZ3D Michael 3 SR2 figure. I converted the Celsys boy hair for use inside Poser. I customised the face and Material Shaders, and used my own light and scene settings. I am trying to get the typical look in the style of Visual Novel Otome Games from Japan.
    To show that it really is comprise of 3D assets, here is the preview with mesh geomtry showing:-

  • very cool! I like that look a lot!

  • @ghostship thank you so much !!

  • 0_1475513961673_ZowieH4_2016.png

    I tried to do a Bishonen version.

    I wanted to created a bishounen in the style of Japanese Otome Games. Poser Pro 11 Geometric Line and Colour Comic style output, using my own modifications of shaders for the Zowie character by Manihoni, for the Hiro 4 figure from DAZ3D. Hair converted by me from Celsys content, with custom shader setting by me. Custom light setting by me. I am showing the geometry lines as well, to emphasise that this is a 3D render.

  • 0_1475514018860_ZowieH4_2016b.png

    This shoes the geometry, to prove it is not a composited image using 2D.