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  • working with DawnSE!0_1502953123579_Dawn se  bikini 2b.jpg

  • @jura11
    Looks great

  • @722 Seems to be rendered in SUPERFLY, though, which is also indicated on the tag... Accidentally posted in the wrong forum?

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    Refractive ghost effect, Firefly, PPro2014:
    0_1503535438497_Pauline ghost - FF - PPro2014 0p007 softness G.jpg

    0_1503535464916_Pauline ghost - FF - PPro2014 0p007 softness G mat.PNG

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    @kalypso Gorgeous. Love it. Seriously.

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    My newest Firefly render with my finally finished house. 0_1504872403115_MaisonC2014.jpg

  • @Ladonna Gorgeous Ladonna! Absolutely Gorgeous!!

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    @Miss-B Thank you :)

  • @Ladonna Thanks :) That's a wonderful scene, really like the details of the leaves blowing and the umbrella.

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    @kalypso Thank you a lot. :)

  • Don't know whether composite images are allowed here?

    Here's one I just made for a post at 4chan, but there's a ban on TOR IPs so I couldn't post. Well, their problem, not ours.

    Instead of just discarding the picture I thought I could post it here.

    Figure is SASHA-16 with a custom face and a standard body,
    Hair is "Déja vu" by Fabiana, custom morphed for the head band.
    Dress is Sexy Elegant Dress for V4 (Poser) by 9mbi.
    Shoes are "V4 Running Shoes" by DAZ.

    Fitting the clothes to SASHA took just 20 minutes incl. fixing pokethroughs.

    Rendered using Bagginsbill's "Environment Sphere" against an alpha-channel background.
    Then merged the render with the (photo) background.

    0_1505423808100_SASHA Badminton.jpg

    I know that the sun's azimuth and elevation doesn't match the background picture.
    I also know that I can produce a better ground shadow.

    But this was just a quick job.
    And it's still amazing to see what good old Firefly can do when it comes to realism.

    "Just because something's old doesn't mean you throw it away"
    (Montgomery Scott, STTNG "Relics")

    Live long and prosper.


  • Great posing and expression! Sometimes you can have a super realistic render engine but a stiffly posed model with no expression and clothing that does not fit right will ruin the whole image. I like Firefly because it's fast. :)

    Here's my latest. Picked this up at the new CP but I went for a more summery look - with a temperature of 35 here I was just not feeling the autumn vibe.

  • It's great Kalypso. Of course the excellent model with it's details and HQ textures helps to make this look almost as a photo. But as you said, it needs natural poses and fitting clothes too.
    And details. I love details like the animals (The cat on a hot tin roof!) :D

    I noticed something strange though:
    Underneath the stair, behind the potted plant, one can see the background (or is this the entrance to The Twilight Zone?)
    I don't have the model, so I'm curious. Maybe some geometry missing?

    Did the backdrop picture come with the set, or is it your own? It fits the scenery perfectly.


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    @kalypso The chicken , love the chicken :)

  • @Ladonna lol yah, they're the only ones not disturbed by the arrival :)

    @karina There was some geometry there with the material 'water' which I made invisible so not really sure how it would have looked otherwise. Now I have to go back and check it out closely.
    The backdrop is actually from a very old Daz product, Mediterranean Backgrounds for the Multiplane Cyclorama.

  • @kalypso Thanks for that render Kalypso, as I was playing with setting up a scene last night, and I was wondering if I could get the HiveWire Horse to look good coming through that arch. Of course, my final scene "idea" is different, but I was thinking I could combine two projects into one render, and now I see it should work well. ~wink~

  • @Miss-B Oh that sounds interesting, seems we were on the same wavelength. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • @kalypso Just as long as you don't hold your breath. Successful scene setup takes me a while to get the way I want it. I think I'm just too much of a nitpicker, but I will post it either here, or in the SuperFly Renders thread, when I have it done.

  • @Miss-B Of course, I understand. I frequently revisit many projects I've started and left incomplete until I'm happy with them before posting to online galleries. This was just spontaneous cause it was brand new and shiny. :)

  • @kalypso I can't think of a better reason. ~wink~

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