Post your Firefly Renders

  • Rainy night fight
    ***NSFW content***

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    NSFW added for violence rather than nudity. Plenty of dead bodies, no blood visible.

    I like the way this render turned out, but it was a pain to work on. It took 20 minutes to load and then to save, which I wanted to do frequently so I wouldn't lose my work. Although I've had scenes with more people in them, this is the biggest scene as far as disk space at 7.41 gb. (yes it crashed a lot)

  • @redphantom Very nice. I haven't tried any scenes with a lot of characters in it, so don't even want to guess how long it took to render.

  • Gessela Studios NGWE 2045 project; Ingwe with helmet 1
    alt text

  • Gessela Studios NGWE 2045 project; Ingwe with helmet 2
    alt text

  • Gessela Studios NGWE 2045 project; Ingwe with helmet 3
    alt text

  • Before Content Paradise went tango uniform, I bought Miki 4. What an over-engineered figure. But I like her! Here she is wearing boot look outfit for G3F and Dragonfly hair for V4. The set is Stonemason's streets of Asia 2.

    0_1543615508409_Miki 4 Boot Look Dragonfly.jpg

  • Gessela Studios scene from chapter 2 of the graphic novel AKHN.
    alt text

  • Nice draping, is that displacement fur on his shoulders or hair room? Btw, I love this colour palette!

  • @kalypso
    Thank you, the fur is displacement using Pd-Animalz textures.

  • @gpanther3 Thanks for the reply. That has been on my wishlist for so long so maybe it's about time I got it.

  • AKHN concept art from Gessela Studios; Safara with Kipinga.
    alt text

  • OK, I rendered in FireFly this time because this is an older Gabe/Blackhearted character for V4 that I've had for a while, and I was too lazy to run her through EZSkin3. Also her clothes, by Karanta, are older (and conforming instead of her usual dynamic now-a-days), so I'm not sure how the textures would render in SuperFly.

    First a full render of Girl Next Door for V4.2:


    Also, for those who like closeups, here she is for a closer look:


    Now if only we could get LF's shoulders/underarms to look this good. Turns I had forgotten CorVas did a fix specifically for GND as well.

  • @miss-b every time I use a character for the first time I load up the default textures and then strip out all the shaders and set up the skin the way I want to. After that I save the whole thing as an MC6 and then I never have to do any of that again. It takes me a couple of hours cause I'm going back to the textures in Photoshop and fixing things and making usable bump maps. Removing the black splotches where the nostrils are and removing lip reflections mostly.

  • @ghostship Well, the only thing I really dislike about EZSkin3 is for the most part everything comes out too shiny, and I don't mean just the eyes. I have your Eyes goodie to take care of that. I just dislike when a character's skin is so shiny she looks like she just came out of the pool, or the shower, even when she's dressed in evening clothes.

    Now that I'm getting more comfortable with SuperFly shaders, especially with EZSkin3, I need to learn to adjust the settings BEFORE I apply it. Then I would have less issues as far as adjusting how the skin looks, which usually takes me quite a bit of time in the Material Room. One of these days I'll feel more comfortable with it, and then I'll be using SuperFly more often. I tend to play with it for new products, but GND isn't new, and neither were the clothes, so that would mean even more adjusting. I don't have that issue with any of Karanta's more recent goodies. ~wink~

    Oh, and this wasn't the first time I've used GND 4.2, it's just the first time I've used her in Poser, as I was still using DS 3 Advanced when I got her.

  • @miss-b bump modulates roughness and each bump map is different so each character is going to need custom settings to get the skin looking like you want.

  • @miss-b I run the default then put an extreme side light on the character to show the skin bump and shininess and adjust from there.

  • Gessela Studios DHT vs BST in NGWE test scene concept art 1.
    alt text

  • @ghostship Thanks for those comments. I'm making a note, and will try them out next time I do a "for fun" render.

  • @gpanther3 Nice dynamic posing!

  • @kalypso Thank you.
    2nd Angle with DOF.
    alt text