Post your Firefly Renders

  • 0_1550530555523_five.png

    A portrait with extreme Firefly options.

    Character spun up by me
    "Lana" skins from Daz
    SSS and skin shader, EZSkin
    Eye maps by Tempesta, Reflection added to cornea.
    Ammy Hair by OutOfTouch

    Light-providing dome by Ironman13
    Dome is the only illumination.

    Render took 5 hr 13 min
    Core i7/8G ram/Graphics on motherboard

    She looks a little like Anne Archer, but that is purely accidental; I don’t go in for celeb renders.

    ::::: Opera :::::

  • @operaguy You are working too hard, brother. Try these settings and make note of the render time and check the result with your other render. I think you will find good results with my settings and if not, you can tell me to piss off and I'll slink back over to the Superfly renders page where I belong. lol several of the settings you have are cranked up past the point that there is no benefit to the added numbers.
    0_1550624869941_FF settings.jpg

  • Naturally, I have tried lower settings many times over many years. This was a test of the extreme, more or less a baseline. And why not, for the overnight render?

    I might try your settings. Don't worry, I won't follow you over to Superflydom, which is off-limits for me. "I cannot find a track on it," and don't want to.

    :: og ::