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    I forgot to mention:
    Character is "Ace for Paul" by Tempesta 3D

  • I'm still on PP2014 so Firefly it is.

  • @kalypso Very nice indeed Kalypso. ~smile~

  • Inspired by skin shaders from Cycles and Octane, I'm experimenting with new Firefly skin setup.


  • very cool to see that people are still killing it in Firefly! Well done all.

  • You all know Annie, right? If you don't, what did I do wrong? Lol!

    Annie Feroo is my favourite character. I've been working with her for years. We've never seen any of Annie's family before, but that all changed last weekend, on Father's Day!

    Roy, Annie's 'Daddy Bear' spent the day at Annie's humble abode and was grateful to receive a very apt tee shirt from her.
    0_1498393831741_FathersDay 001.jpg

  • 0_1498393997542_FathersDay 002.jpg

  • If you follow Annie Feroo on Facebook, or follow my DA page, you may well have seen this already, but this was the result of Annie's 25th birthday last year. Annie and Talika went out clubbing, but didn't have ID, so couldn't get into the club. Tali flashed her boobs at the doorman in an effort to get let in, but they both ended up barred. So, the pair of them went back to Annie's, ate pizza, drank wine and fell asleep watching cartoons, lol! I was going to add a string of dribble down Annie's face and onto Tali's leg but decided against it in the end.


  • Sad day today. Annie has made another tribute.

    'Hopeful at Heart'

    In forever warm and adoring memory of Thomas Michael Bond CBE

    alt text

  • Here's my latest firefly render with a backdrop, an IBL, a spot and a specular light rendered with IDL. Postwork around the eyes to add kohl and the cataract. Also added a soft vignette on the edges.


  • @kalypso Very good job, must have been lot of work !

  • Thank you! Well the Poser part and postwork part were pretty quick since it's only one dynamic shawl and the pose and shaders are all pre-made.

    What took me a long time was making the texture because I used the Lola texture from that DAZ character which is full of burnt in shadows and speculars and I had to get all that out and then re-work it adding details from Zevo's resource overlays so it's basically a new texture. I had done most of work for my Baba Yaga character but did several alterations for this one though,

    Looking back now, all the time I spent on correcting and enhancing that texture I could have made a new one from scratch!

  • fabulous renders glen and kalypso! I always appreciate it when it is clear that the artist has made an effort to get that they want! That is how it should be!

  • alt text

    Saz, sporting her new tattoo. It's rude, it's quirky, it has attitude... it's so Saz, lol! XD

  • Quick render in Poser Pro 11 with FireFly

    alt text


  • Rendered in Firefly, with the PBR-Emulator.
    Our upcoming product, a Pitts Special aerobatic plane with a highly detailed cockpit. PBR textures made in Substance Painter, used in Firefly with the PBR_Emulator plugin.0_1500243958540_Render 2.jpg

  • @Bytefactory3D Nice! What is PBR_Emulator?

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    I rarely use the FireFly engine theese day. Mostly for checking how a product looks in FF before I pack it up, but might buy this one just to test how it compares. :)

  • @ghostship The PBR-Emulator is a plugin, which allows Firefly (starting with Poser 9+) to 'understand' PBR textures and render them well. Don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to external websites here, but it is easy to google it: PBR-Emulator

    Texturing has so much improved with PBR technology, and awsome 3D texturing tools been developed (Substance Painter, Quixel, PixaFlux, 3D_Coat, also free collections of tiling PBR materials), they offer all those amazing surface effects. And a 2048 by 2048 PBR texture can contain as much as 4.2 million different materials on it, without any increase in resources or render times.

    So now these amazing texturing tools can also be used with content in older Poser versions with the help of the PBR-Emulator, not only in Poser 11. This allows content creators to use modern PBR textures und amazing texturing tools without leaving older Poser versions behind, and without having to do double work for texturing. Just create PBR textures and use them also in older Poser versions.

  • @Bytefactory3D forgive me if I'm a little skeptical of PBR shaders for a non-PBR render engine. I researched PBR and cycles materials and made a shader for Superfly. The shader is free to download at shareCG.