Fatal Poser 11 crash

  • Well it happened.

    I had copied a texture in the mat room and was pasting it into another mat zone on a model and Poser crashed again (I get about one crash a day with it now.) Now Poser 11 wont start up. re-booted my system and still nothing. Totally bummed.

    I've had crashes before doing the same thing: Making a copy of a material and pasting it into another mat zone on the same model=random crash.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Usually deleting your texture and undo cache and/or deleting your preferences will get you going again. Make sure to make a backup before doing that in case you delete too much

    Can be found in AppData/Local/Temp/Poser Pro/11 and in AppData/Roaming/Temp/Poser Pro/11