Dawn A No Show...

  • I'm wondering if someone has a suggestion for what might be causing this. I loaded Hivewire's Dawn (It doesn't have to be Dawn. It can be Roxie, mikie 4 or even V4) into a scene. It's just her (in this case), her heroine hair conforming figure, an environment sphere, and a primitive box. I created a couple of poses and saved them to the library, save the document and quit. However, the next day I opened the document again and everything showed up... except Dawn. Everything says she there. Parameter dials, Hair still conformed. But Dawn's no where to be seen. I tried to add a new Dawn to the scene but she never shows up either.

    I'm thinking that somehow the file might have been corrupted when it was being saved but wondering if you guys might have another suggestion.0_1475492808071_dawn.png

  • Ignoring the obvious visibility setting, which I'm sure you are far too experienced to have overlooked (no sarcasm), I agree that this does sound like a file corruption issue, but one that may still be salvageable. I had an identical situation with another figure, and although the original figure was irretrievable, the pose information was not. In cases like this, I am usually able to delete the corrupted figure and reconstruct the scene, but I have no idea how stable the scene will be after that.

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    Your screengrab has the Sphere selected.

    Best to select Dawn => Body => and then wonder around with the Document Display buttons. (lower left corner in your screengrab)

    In the top menu => I think there are 3 places to look for.
    Document display
    Figure display
    Object file display

    Also try to right mouse-click on Dawn body and go to the different display options. ( 2 different places there if I am not mistaking.) In the right mouse -click menu that will show up.

  • what this reminds me of is loading some older broken figures that give me an error saying something like there are missing files/look for the missing files. Anyway, if you go ahead and load the broken figure the name shows up there in the list but the figure isn't really there. I'm thinking that there is a problem with your geometry file(s) for Dawn.

  • @ghostship If I close the program and relaunch but load a new figure, there's no issue and as I said before, this has happened with other figures.