My lines come out jagged, Please help.


    I am having issues as shown above, when i draw lines they don't come out clean they get jagged and poor like shown.

    I am using a high DPI mouse i down own a tablet.

    Adjusting DPI doesn't seem to help.

    The videos advertising the software show an auto smooth on lines but this does not seem to go off for me.

    Im new to this software any help would be great. < tool settings.

  • Its because you are using a mouse... you need to really crank up the stabalization ... or better still, switch on post correction.
    Display the subtool detail palette and go to the Correction Tab. Click on "Posat Correction" and "bezier Curve" Then set post correction to at least 15. You really should think of investing in a tablet ... even the cheapest, second hand, one is much better than a mouse for drawing

  • @888toto Hi thank you for replying this solved the issue I was having :)

    I have been looking into getting a tablet, but I live in Australia and the prices vs my income just is not an option for me.
    Maybe I can get one though another route fingers crossed.

    But again thank you for taking the time to reply to me :)

  • If you have a tablet or touch screen, you might look into one of the capacitance touchpens made by itech. They call it a pen stylus and only cost a few dollars. I bought one because they were cheap and it worked on my Samsung galaxy phone, my Acer tabletm and my small Cherry mobile tablet.

  • @KenC hmm I wonder if my windows 10 tab would run the software, it only has 1gb ram tho. so may be a bit too weak
    unless I could use that I doubt a stylus would help me out much.

  • @KingTentacleAU The pen is used to replace your finger on the touch screen. As far as I know it uses the same amount of memory as your finger would use.
    When I bought my new cheap tablet, I pulled it out in the store and it worked. The tablet only has about 512mb of RAM.

  • @KenC
    The pen would work, but the software may not.

    Or are you saying there is a way i can rig my windows tablet to give a graphics tab style input into the software on my desktop?

    Because i dont think clip studio paint would work on my tablet.

  • I cannot get clip Studio Paint on my tablet either. I have to use Autodesk Sketchbook (free) or one of the other free ones and then save it over to use on my PC with Clip Studio.
    The pen only replaces your finger on a touchpad. It gives you a finer selection if you have fat fingers like me.

  • It's very difficult to draw with a mouse. The stabilization settings are ok for giving you some smoother lines but it's still a very rough go. If you must use a mouse, I would suggest drawing your roughs on paper first. Scan them into the computer and use your mouse to lay down vector lines as you trace your rough. The lines go down with control points as splines or curves with handles. There are correction tools that can thicken and thin a vector line to give the stroke a brush and pen look. I've seen many works that were done in vector with a mouse and they look really good but it's a very clean CG look (forget about trying to do a sketchy style with a mouse and vectors unless you're prepared to spend a great deal of time on the piece).

    Use the Continuous Curve tool. Splines are easy but Bezier Curves are the most functional. Use some modifier keys to make the tool more functional.

    0_1476000490030_continuous curve.jpg

    While you are laying down points, Alt will give you a corner point. .Space will give you the Hand tool without breaking your line so you can move the canvas without losing your place. When you complete the line, the modifiers take over. Hold Ctrl and you will be able to use the Object tool to move points and handles. Right click on the line and you get a menu for adding points. Select a point with the Object tool and right click and you can switch corners, cut the line, delete points and so on. Set your Control Point tool to Correct Line Width (since you can move the Control Points with the Object tool) that way the Control Point modifier gives you an extra tool for making the line flow like a brush and pen.

    Check out tutorials on drawing vector lines. Even though the Continuous Curve tool is a bit different than Illustrator's Pen tool, they lay down Bezier control points the same way.

  • @garlam ill need to take a look at this in clip studio. i used to do work like that with adobe illustrator.

    ill need to give it a go to see what one works better.

    hopefully i can get my hands on a tablet. but its gonna be hard.

    I was looking at an intuos art medium.
    gonna cost me about $250aud so gonna be a while

  • @KingTentacleAU said in My lines come out jagged, Please help.:

    I was looking at an intuos art medium.
    gonna cost me about $250aud so gonna be a while

    The Intuos Comic Small is about $150 aud. It's only about 8X6 inches but sometimes that's not a bad thing. I went from a small to a large Intuous and find that I don't use the whole surface of the large. Some people just draw smaller. When I got the latest Intuous I went for a smaller size although I still like the older large one for painting (I draw with my hand and paint with my shoulder).

    A single panel on an art board probably isn't much bigger than 8X6 anyway so it wouldn't even be that different than drawing on paper.

  • I used to own a small bamboo years back and it was just too small,
    so this time i'm gonna get a medium one so its easier for me.

    I have rather large hands and i had issues holding it and felt cramped with such a small working space.