Advice about script-writing formats?

  • Hi

    I'm wondering what scripting apps or text formats people use before importing text into the story editor? Do you separate dialogue from stage directions so only speech balloons and narration are added?

    Also, any recommendations for favourite script-writing apps that dovetail into ClipStudio would be appreciated.


  • Go to File>Preferences>Edit Text. Use Always Create New Layer for How to Insert Text and Selected Text Tool Property for New Text Tool Property.
    Go to Line Break and use Normal for How to Show. Use Divide with Two Line Breaks for Divide Text By Line Break.

    You can write your script with two line breaks separating your dialogue and captions from stage directions. Open your Text tool , then open the Text Editor and then copy and paste a few pages of script from your word processor into the Text Editor. When you do, all of the dialogue text and captions text will be separated from stage directions and on one page. If you prefer to write without double line breaks separating your dialogue and captions, you can click Enter twice in the Text Editor to separate the text. You can select the portions of the script that won't appear on the page using Ctrl click to highlight the stage directions and click Delete to remove them. Use Ctrl click to select the text that is to go on the next page and then drag and drop them down to the next page.

    Shape the dialogue with Enter to create the diamond shape of the text within a balloon. You can make changes to the shape of the dialogue when you return to the page but it's convenient to do it quickly and roughly in the Text Editor now. When you return to the canvas, you can use the Object tool to move the dialogue and caption text boxes to their positions on the page.

    Set the Balloon tool to create a balloon on the text layer. If two balloons are to be merged you can merge the top text layer down one. (You can also drop balloons from the Materials palette onto the text boxes).

    As far as scripting apps go, Scrivener is a pretty good word processor but you can use any editor you like.

  • @garlam Great tips, many thanks.

    A word processor script template might have a header, then two columns below separating stage directions on the left, dialogue on the right. Then dialogue and directions could be pasted easily to two layers in the Story Editor. Dialogue could be centered for easier insertion into speech balloons.

  • @slanecartoonz I am suggesting something like this, perhaps. ( with random script )

    0_1475657322110_Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.47.25 PM.png