Repost useful threads from RDNA.

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    Would it be feasible to move those handy tutorial/development threads, and delete posts from anyone who isn't a member here?

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    A really great idea, it would be a real shame if all those precious informations vanished away :/

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    I'm all for retyping everything I've ever done but that will take years.

    I don't mind if other people grab my posts and images that were basically tutorial stuff and repost them for me.

    I've been meaning to do some but I'm really seriously overwhelmed with work.

    I was going to, for example, for the billionth time explain how to make a mirror shader in white and also gold. I also wanted to point out clean polished metal has no difffuse, and the stupid Gold shader in Poser 11 has diffuse in the FireFly version, which means it is bad and should not be in the damn package.

  • By the way, BB, do you still have that BBGlossy shader? I found the thread last night, but all those links are broken.

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    @eclark1849 Yeah but there are umpteen versions. Which one you'd want depends on whether you have Poser 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 and whether you have Pro or not.

    Note - the earlier ones work in the later versions of Poser, but they carry way more nodes than necessary. For example, 21 nodes to do Fresnel, or use the Fresnel_Blend (single node). There's lots of stuff like that.

  • @bagginsbill I like to get it if you don't mind. 9+ and up should do both pro and regular.

  • Something I've been wondering for a while, so I'm just going to throw it out there. Would it make any sense at all to start something like a "Material Database"?

    Rather than all these different forums with all these long lost threads, would a searchable database format be more useful? One place to host a wealth of information about building materials in Poser?

    I realize the scope of what I'm suggesting, I really do, and I have no idea how to get something like that off the ground. But it's been sitting in the back of my mind for a while, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

  • @mr_phoenyxx When you say searchable, do you mean just looking it up, or are you also talking about a site wear the shaders could also be hosted and you could simply download the ones you want to use to your own materials library?

  • I don't have a completely solid concept in my head, just a somewhat vague idea. I envision something where the main page would probably be a table of contents or menu. So if you were looking for a hair shader, then you could navigate down to Hair and click on it. Maybe then it would give you options for the various versions of Poser. So you could choose Poser 9 if that is what you are running. Maybe there's a material file to download, maybe there's a discussion in some format such as Word, and maybe there are both.

    Or maybe you go to the search field and type in "Hair". This would link you all of the resources for Hair held in the database.

    Where I see this as different from a forum is that a similar search on a forum would yield hundreds if not thousands of posts that have nothing to do with a Hair Shader. Even if you found the post you were looking for, then it might require tons of reading to actually get what you want out of the thread. The database would be very specifically tailored towards materials.

    Like I said, it's just a vague idea right now. :P

  • @mr_phoenyxx

    Check out the following FAQ:

    I'm trying to encourage folks to assign tags to posts that are more in line of user tips and tutorials because it will make it a lot easier for folks to find them later on.

  • @Deecey said in Repost useful threads from RDNA.:


    Check out the following FAQ:

    I'm trying to encourage folks to assign tags to posts that are more in line of user tips and tutorials because it will make it a lot easier for folks to find them later on.

    Thanks! I think the tags have a great deal of merit in a forum setting. I also believe my database idea has merit as well though. Mind you that is easy for me to say since I haven't put in the thousands of hours of labor it would take to build such a thing and then just provided it to everyone free of charge. :P

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    I can speak only for myself but regarding my postings in the other forum, i posted there because it was clearly marked as the official Smith Micro forum. Now the official forum found a new home and i do expect that my postings are moved to the new home.

    This logic should apply to all the old posts.

  • I would find it tremendously helpful if we could simply start two threads: one for posting Firefly Mats and another for posting Superfly Mats. Having a single thread to look for Mats would simplify my life immeasurably.

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    I generally make hybrid materials that work for both. Where would those go?

  • Good point. Perhaps a single thread for shaders is the better approach.

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    I would migrate the useful threads/posts I did have... or at least the information I posted, but no longer have access to the source.

    That being said. I do give my permission for anyone who finds or has a useful thread or reply of mine tagged to copy it over here provided I am credited (or even send the contents to me via chat and I will repost it).
    Some of it I had saved previously to include in tutorials I had toyed with making, but much of it I did not.

  • I think the idea of reposting/summing up all the useful threads would be great, lest they are lost forever when RDNA eventually closes.

    That been said, I'm not sure a single Poser forum could host all this, tags or no tags. Remember, the Poser fora at RDNA were actually split into 8 different fora...
    I fear (and hope) there will be too many different threads going on in this single Poser forum, newbie questions, specialist questions, tutorials, more or less general discussions, WIPs, each time about a different version and feature of Poser, or even about related software (EZSkin, Matmatic, etc.) or content. This single forum will eventually become a huge ocean of stuff with a quite mediocre signal to noise ratio.

    I don't know this forum software, but if it is possible, I'd suggest to have at least a separate "Tutorials" subforum, so the valuable stuff doesn't get drowned in the everyday stuff. Yes, tags and searching should be enough to find stuff, but most people aren't used to using them. Not everybody has a background allowing him to spontaneously think in categories and tags. Most will just use the text search.

    (Just my 2 cents worth.)

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    I would tend to agree with rg5a - some subforums within the forums, if possible, would be very useful. A tutorials sub-forum within the basic Poser forum is a good idea to start, but I would also offer that within this tutorials sub-forum, if possible, there be additional subdivisions for either significantly differing aspects of Poser and/or certain large 3rd party plugins (i.e. Materials, Animation, Figure Creation, Basics, Rendering, etc...).
    If I get my motivation back, I will try to collect some of what I had in backups and notes that was helpful and organize it into small tutorials or guides. As I had mentioned elsewhere, I could use and would welcome help, as I no longer have the drive I once did, and health issues as well have reduced my productivity greatly.

  • I was trying to find something else in a forum search when this thread popped up about Laying Floors in Poser. So the thread at RDNA no longer exists, BUT, thee is still one at Renderosity which covers the topic so thought I'd post the link here for anyone still interested.

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    @eclark1849 I have this one at the top of my Rendo bookmarks!! It is a great thread! I learned a lot and ... need to go back to get the update for Superfly!