Is there a way to access the vector point commands outside of the pull down menu?

  • Is there a way to access the vector point commands outside of the pull down menu? I switch between control, delete and change corner a lot and frequently going to the pull down menu slows down my work flow. Is there a way to put those on separate button bar or keyboard shortcut?

  • Create a new Object tool for working with Control Points.

    First go to the Correct Line tool category and create tools for the Control Point that control Switching, Deleting, Adding and so on. To do this - duplicate the Control Point tool and set the mode of operation (Content of Process) to the Switch Corner. Go to the Sub Tool Detail Palette and click Register Settings as Initial Settings and move on to creating the next tool. Duplicate, switch the mode of operation and Register as Initial Settings.

    0_1475637312164_control point.jpg

    When you've made a new tool for each of the operations select the Object Tool and click the menu button at the top left and select Duplicate Tool and name it Control Point Edit.

    Next go to File>Modifier Settings. Select Alt and switch it to Aux Tool. Find your Switch Corner tool in the tool list and select it. Move on to the Shift modifier (usually Add) and so on.

    Now with that Object Tool set to move control point, you have a bunch of modifier keys to switch, delete, add, and so on.

    It'll look like this :

    0_1475637131952_vector tool.jpg

  • @garlam THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It took me a while to understand what you were showing me, but I finally got it. This will make things easier for me! Thank you again!

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