Tutorial : Poser11-Construct : Detailed Poser Construct tips using the Morph brush

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    Not wanting to derail the other tread, here a new topic on detailing the Poser11 Construct using the Morph brush.
    Not using Blender this time but doing all the work inside Poser11.

    In this video, we remove the Horizon line, we create a rough terrain, then load a better texture, and then detail using SubD and fine tuning the terrain morph to better fit the texture.

    This follows a first smaller video demo for the Construct with a 8.192x80192 texture that can be found here:

    Best regards, and have fun using the Poser tools.

  • Thanks Tony!

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    Is somebody interested in these textures?

    Or would somebody like variations of them?

    Please let us know and we"ll put them somewhere as free items for all to enjoy and play with.

    4.096x4.096 textures work fine on the standard Dome/Ground .

    8.192x8.192 textures work nice on a Dome/Ground scaled up to 200%.

  • @vilters

    Oh yes alt text