Animation features needed.

  • As many of you, I'm very happy with the new animation features, It's very comfortable to work with, but after making a whole animated short with it, I realize there are some missing features that we really need (and I couldn't find anywhere).

    One of them, very important, adding a sound track. It is almost impossible to make a good lipsynch without it. (you need to use any other program to calculate your X.sheet, but this only makes you waste time).

    The second one, we need a way to add or delete exposure of the frames without having to select all the frames and move them. I'm not sure if it is currently a way to add exposure so if anyone knows how, please let me know. The only way I know by now is selecting and moving frames, or separating clips, which is not so quick either. Imagine you have a 100 frames animation and you only want to add 1 frame of exposure in frame 2, you have to select frames 3-100 (one by one) and then move them.