Two questions about image files in the Mat room.

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    I'm not a master of Python Scripts, nor am I a master at understanding all the scripts that come with Poser.

    1. Is there a script or plug-in that can help batch load image files based on their numerical classification: (i.e. 1_skinface, 2_torso ...) so if we have a setup we like we can apply to all the same classifications. Note: this was an amazing feature in EZmat, which unfortunately does not work in PP11.

    2. Is there a way to delete image files from the drop-down menu in the image pop up. If I am testing a group of character textures this file can get very long with textures that are not being used. I understand that if you shut down Poser and restart that clears the list, but that is not always an option.

    Ok ... those are my questions. I promise not to dominate the forum. :smile:

  • For question 2. Save the scene and reopen it. That will flush the unused texture maps from the list. For question 1 there may be a python out there but I've not seen it.