Using the Layer Property Palette (MS 5) to adjust a tone (as was in MS 4 Ex)

  • Re: Looking for TONE settings In MS 5 ???

    Not sure if my reply made it to you @garlam so I will re-post it here...

    Yes, I created an area with a TONE and opened the Layer Property Palette. I did make an attempt to adjust the settings contained within the Layer Property Palette HOWEVER I am still unsure as to how to adjust the TONE as I displayed in the MS 4 Ex example above.

    I would like to set the TONE as a "Loop" as well as adjust the "Darkness Graph" so as to make the Gradient/Tone area not-uniform.

    COULD it be that the "settings" I am looking for are contained within the "Tool Navigation" button as per your example pic of the Layer Property Palette from MS 5 ???
    OR could it found else where ???

    As an aside ... I am certainly satisfied with MS 4 Ex for the results I aim to achieve. MS 5 (Clip Studio Paint) is certainly agrand art-making appliucation, maybe the ability to edit TONES such as I hope to utilize just wasn't developed in THIS iteration of the app?? Pure speculation on my part.

    That all being said, I apprecite you taking the time to aid me on my "Artistic Process"

  • MS5 doesn't have a Darkness Adjustment graph for half tones. Since half tones in MS5 can be made from any image there isn't any need for it.

    0_1475805747473_tone from grad.jpg

    Create a gradient using the Gradient tool.

    0_1475806180909_grad settings.jpg

    Or use the Contour Line Paint tool to create a gradient.

    0_1475806631125_contour ine.jpg

    Then click the Tone Effect button in the Layer Property Palette.

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