An "A-ha" moment regarding MS 4 Ex vs. MS 5 Tones & Gradients ...

  • Re: Using the Layer Property Palette (MS 5) to adjust a tone (as was in MS 4 Ex)

    I had an "a-ha!" moment today upon reading your response @garlam Many thanks to you!
    I will attempt to use these settings in the next 24-48-36 hours, and let you know how I faired. That all being said, I believe I'm on the right track now. It seems the NEW settings are even more sophisticated in MS 5 (Clip Studio Paint) than I could have imagined! Well, that's SmithMicro for you...

    Until my update, have a good weekend!

  • Here's something else to try. When you use the Tone Effect Button in the Layer Property Palette, the original image (un-half toned) retains all of it's gray tone information. You can 1. create a gradient, 2. set it to half tone with the Tone Effect button, and then 3. adjust the Tone Curves (Edit>Tonal Corrections).


  • Hey thanks for responding. I will have to play around with these settings some more. I would have hoped SM would have streamlined this process in the new version. Most likely because everything changed so drastically from 4 to 5 (CSP) this minor function was not on the top of the prioriety list. Still, I appreciate the WYSIWYG aspect of the function. I like that zip-a-tone look. ;)