XP-Pen HD 22 with Clip Studio EX

  • Hello everyone, I am thinking of purchasing the XP- Pen HD 22" do any of you use one? How do you like it?Currently I have a Intuos pro medium but I need something that is more natural to draw on. I am working on story boards and a huge graphic Novel project. let me know your experiances. Wacom is way too expensive right now with the Cintique brand. $600 is really nice for a HD 22" and they say its the best for the cheapest.

  • Anyone? Well what do you all use to do your work with?

  • That's the tablet I use, and I am totally in love with it!

  • @HDHarris it was delivered quickly and came without dust or dead pixels, it works flawlessly. You will have to get used to a stiffer curve than wacom, which is way too soft, you'll actually feel all of the different levels of pressure now instead of blowing through all of them.

  • Hi! I'm currently doubting between Cintiq and the XP Pen 22 HD. I'm a professional illustrator, maybe I shouldn't be wondering between these two an should go for the Cintiq, but I've read such rave reviews for the XP Pen and the Cintiq is just so pricey...

    Would you recommend the XP Pen for a profesional illustrator?

    I also just switched to Clip Studio and, although still learning I'm loving it so far! Good to know the XP Pen works well with it. Thanks!

  • @Belleandyou yes, i would definitely recommend it to a professional, wacom is just a brand, one that will take a lot more of your money than you will want to give, for a product not much better than you could get otherwise. the xp-pen, with a mounting arm, a navigation controller from a ps3 made into a hotkey remote (http://eria-tarka.tumblr.com/post/114227553907) costs a third of what the equivalent cintiq would, and has BETTER pressure control and works with almost every program out there flawlessly. Literally the only program that it has issues with is Krita, in my experience.

    The important thing to any professional is "does it work?" and "does it let you do what you need to do to get the job done with as little pain as possible?" and for the xp-pen that is absolutely the case.

  • Thank you @HDHarris!