Strange issue with Clip Studio Paint on OS Sierra

  • I'm having a strange issue with Clip Studio Paint on OS Sierra. Basically, sometimes when I press the pen down on my Intuos Pro Medium size, (latest driver) It's as though I clicked the desktop or the window behind the Clip Studio Paint window. I can click right in the middle of the canvas and it will go to the desktop or the window behind if there is one.

    I opened sketchbook pro to do an experiment to make sure it was not just the tablet. I had the sketchbook window in front of the clip studio window. I repeatedly clicked the canvas on sketchbook with the pen. All I did was create a bunch of dots. I then moved the Clip studio window in front of the sketchbook window and did it again. This time, I clicked on the sketchbook window that was behind the clip studio window. I also repeated the experiment with my laptops track pad and nothing happened so it only happens with Clip studio paint and the tablet.

    This didn't start happening until after I installed OS Sierra and the latest driver. It doesn't happen every time. I can be drawing for a couple minutes and suddenly I press down and it goes to desktop. Has anyone else had an issue like this or does anyone know why this might happen? I hope I explained it in a way that makes sense.

  • @SpiritualBacon The same exact thing is happening to me! Unfortunately, I haven't found a way around it either... :( Let's hope whatever it is, it's addressed soon; it's not a game-breaker, but it sure is annoying.

  • @eizumii Today I uninstalled and reinstalled Clip Studio Paint and the problem seems to be resolved so that's what I recommend you do

  • @SpiritualBacon I'll do just that then, thank you!

  • @SpiritualBacon Same issue for me, but when I first got clip studio paint the product key didn't work so I had to use it two times, and I believe you can only use it twice, so if I uninstall clip studio paint will I have to enter the license key?

  • @AurumGold It doesn't mean that after two times the key doesn't work anymore and you have to get a new one it means you can only use that key on two machines. So if you have it on two machines, uninstall one, you can use that key on a new machine. For me, I uninstalled it (I've installed it on two machines already) and reinstalled it and it was already activated when I reinstalled it. So I think if you don't deactivate it before uninstalling it you might not need to reenter the key when you reinstall it.

  • Had the same issue. I restarted CSP with the shift key down and that worked.

  • Same here, but restart with shift didn't do the trick.

  • @SpiritualBacon I have been hearing from many MacOS developers that its a bad idea to upgrade to OS Sierra any time soon because of all the back end breaking of applications.

    I haven't had any problems with Silkypix DS Pro 7 but then they don't rely much on native Mac stuff.

  • @SpiritualBacon Funny, just yesterday I found out that I can't run the update to Reality for Poser 4.3 until the next point update to Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) because it "broke" something that the installer needs.

  • @rofu I solved it now with reinstalling Clip Paint Studio instead the old Manga Studio. Works now.

  • Hello I just update to Sierra and i'm having the same issue.
    It's embarrasing to me to draw with CSP files or images embed in my canvas with every stroke i make.

  • I just got a new mac with OS Sierra and had this issue occur. However, i 'bought' the most recent update for my Manga Studio 5 to Clip Studio pain 1.6.2. Free update/download on the website. Everything is working just fine now!

  • I know this is an old thread but I finally solved the problem today by upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra. If anyone else is still having the same problem, that upgrade might fix it!

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