Poser chat sessions needed.

  • I see the new forum has a chat system set up. Has anyone thought about having maybe a semi- regular or even regular chat session, preferably moderated by a Poser developer or one of the global moderators, and maybe with guests speakers? What I guess I'm thinking of is sort of a mini-webinar series.

  • @eclark1849 Hey Earl, I could be mistaken, but I think the Chats here are like our HiveWire Conversations. They're just a way to PM folks, except in both these cases we can have more than just two folks posting, which is unlike the older forums Private Message/Site Mail systems, where it's one-on-one.

    If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me, but I've already gotten such a message, and I could view it in the Chats section.

  • If so, that would suck.

  • Each chat channel is private among the invited users. It saves the chat history just like a PM would. One advantage is you can add a third (or more) person to the conversation at any time.

  • @nerd3d So it doesn't take place in real time? Too bad.

  • @eclark1849

    Sure it can take place in real time ... the "message window" (or chat room, if you want to call it that) will pop up the PM into the chat window and you can converse with whoever is joined in the chat. The main difference is that if you invite 5 people to the chat and two can't make it at that time, they can still see what was said before that, and reply and join in to the chat whenever they have a chance. The entire chat history is saved in the accounts of those who participate, until each person chooses to delete it.

    However, I don't think this chat is robust enough to use for something like a webinar, where you'd probably need a lot more sophistication (such as the ability to screen share and the like).

  • @Deecey I was thinking more along the line of what we used to have on AOL. We'd have a chat session that was publicised and open to everyone. They stop in and we could ask the moderator or guest questions or share things we were working on.

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    Hello all and first of all : I am "Tony Vilters". I am on all forums as Vilters or TonyVilters. That is my name, my true name, and I am proud of it.
    An absolute NO-NO to any form of chat. Wanna chat? => Goto fb, Skype or any other form of "friends" media.
    Why am I so against "chat". => See the first line. I fear to be the only one to have the same name everywhere.


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    See? I was editing and the 2 min came and went out.. LOL.

    On the net, you never know who is who and comes with what values, and too many info, good or bad, gets washed down the drain or lost for many. Have a question? Ask away in "a' forum. Or go one to one with Skype or e-mail with a Poser team member or beta tester.

    Worst case scenario.
    Ask the same question on all possible forums. Then mix all the answers and still get nowhere.
    Or open a chat, get some info, different time zones, so sooner or later some go to bed, others jump in, and again, you get a mix of info leading to nowhere. Chat session closed, info goes south.

    In tech stuff like 3D, you need a platform more stable then the loose chat sessions with "friends" hiding behind "my name is nobody" nick-names. Internet or no Internet culture.

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    Tony, nobody requires you to use chat. It is obviously not for you
    For others it is a way to directly communicate with each other
    You don't want to use it - fine. Other people do find it a very useful tool