Adjusting ellipse shapes as drawing

  • Hello - is there a way that I can adjust the positioning of my ellipse shapes as I click and drag them out on my page? I know that with photoshop toggling the space bar allows me to re adjust.

    Thank you in advance!!

  • There's an option in the Sub Tool Detail palette called Adjust Angle After Fixed.

  • @garlam - thank you for responding. I have the angle after fixed checked, but what about the positioning (like moving the ellipse to the left or the right)

  • if you are making the ellipse on a vector layer, you can use the Object Tool to select it and move the vector. Same if you are making the ellipse as a ruler. But if you make the ellipse on a raster layer it gets laid down as a raster. If it's on it's own (you didn't lay it down on top of other pixels) you could use the marquee tool to select an area around the ellipse and click Ctrl+T to move it. And if it's on it's own layer, you can use the Move Tool to move the whole layer.

    If you need to manipulate the ellipse at all and still want to lay it down as a raster, you might want to place it on its own raster layer then merge down when you have the ellipse positioned.

  • That you - but I guess what I'm after is if it's possible to adjust the position of the object as I'm actively dragging my cursor across the screen creating it. Like in Photoshop, if you hold down the space key you can move the object while having the option to resize it at the same time. This shortcut saves time from later going back and editing via transform or move button.
    Thank you again for your time.

  • I don't think there is a way of doing that. If you make the ellipse on a vector layer, Ctrl will give the Object tool which can move the object and resize. Hold Shift and the aspect remains the same as you resize. Hold Alt and the center holds as you resize. Hold Alt Shift and center and aspect both hold.