Poser11 SR3 Library changes

  • Library changes in Poser11 SR3 have me scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!

    No matter how wide I make the library panel, only one file displays. Is there a way to change this, please?

  • I have not had it change on me when upgrading, but the setting should be here.

    Open the library options, List tab, and turn on As Grid.

  • Yeah, it changed when I upgraded to SR3, but your solution worked! Hooooooooooooray!

    Thank you!

  • Your Welcome

  • Under that thread title; can we speak to everything that suddenly went wrong with the Library with SR3? At this point, I am very tempted to reinstall Poser Pro 11 to SR2 or even SR1 to get away from these problems.

    1. as of SR3, there are a bunch more processes running that were not before, and therefore should not now. CHROMIUM framework, 3 instances, is prime among these.

    2. INDEXING. guess there wasn't ANY indexing done before SR3 huh? This now occurs frequently, I have 38 Runtimes on a 1 TB SATA3 HD, a "spinner". I will happily REMOVE "INDEXING" if that will help. BAD

    3. Every time I go to a different Runtime, the Library is completely unusable (whiteout in Library panel) until some THING gets done. This lasts anywhere from about half a minute to 5 or 6 minutes. BAD

    4. Then the panel is populated with folders. ONLY FOLDERS. No individual items are shown. Also BAD. !!!! I just found if I have "ALL" Runtimes selected, rather than an individual one, individual items are then shown outside of folders.