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  • I am trying to devise a toon or cel-shaded procedural shader for Poser Surface, to be rendered with FireFly renderer. I am using Poser Pro 11. I use the same shader on the hi-res ball prop and the cube (default Poser content props). However, I cannot get the outline effect to show up in the straight edges of the cube. I have used various combinations of settings in the nodes, but the edges just do not show up for the cubes.

    I'm uploading a reduced-seize version of the photo of my screen here, but it may not be too clear. As a back-up, I've also posted the full-sized version at my DeviantArt Gallery, and this is the link:-

    [](link url)


  • This is same scene but using Geometric edge Line and Comic Book Colour style.


  • I think one problem is that your edge blend node is getting all it's data from one node. You should have two toon shaders plugged into it, one for inner color and one for outer color.

  • what's wrong with plugging the toon shader directly into alt diffuse? I think that is how it's supposed to be.

  • Check the "Set Up Toon Render" wacro details in the manual (p299 in the Poser 9 one, which I happen to have open). That wacro attaches the Toon node directly to the Alt Diffuse, so I guess that's the way it's normally used.

    Regarding the Edge_Blend, I believe that you get the outer colour when the surface normal is perpendicular to the line of sight of the camera. No part of the cubes in your render meets this criterion, whereas the whole outline of the sphere does. That might explain why you're not getting the cubes outlined, but I don't know how to fix it.

    Edit: Using the Toon Render wacro in Poser 6 (which is what I happen to have open) both cube and sphere are outlined...(except I just realized the outline is from the 'Toon Outline' render setting! :facepalm:


  • Thanks @ghostship and @3dcheapskate , for the replies. Noted your points, all valuable. I just found the Toon materials folder inside PP11 content libraries, and that may be a short cut in the end !

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  • cool let us know how it turns out.

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    A toon shader that knows it is drawing a pixel of object A next to a pixel that will eventually be drawn from object B (a true "edge") is NOT possible using Poser nodes.

    You must use one of the special toon rendering modes.

    The edge blend trick is a cheat and, as has been noted, only functions when there is a bit of surface visible that is almost but not quite perpendicular to the viewer.

  • @bagginsbill - noted, with thanks. Looks like I'll use the Geometric Edge Line and Comic Book styles for cel-shaded scenes.