Symmetry Ruler Issues

  • So I'm using CS EX and i keep running into some issues while working with the symmetry ruler. Sometimes when i open a file with a symmetry ruler in place, the ruler does not function. I found an easy fix to this problem by creating a new symmetry ruler anywhere then pressing undo. Might be a bug, but this seems to make the program aware that there is already a ruler set. The issue I'm having problems with is that sometimes when i open a file with a symmetry ruler, the color of the ruler will be green instead of purple. The ruler does not function when its green even if i tick snap to ruler on the brush setting. Also the trick i did above does not work in this situation. I have not found a way to make a green symmetry ruler operate. I always have to create a new ruler in the same location which is a pain because sometimes I'm a pixel or two off making the drawing unsymmetrical(best noticed when you flip the canvas) There seems to be a rule for when a green symmetry ruler is created. Like if you create more than one symmetry ruler the previous on turns green. But in my case it just turns green on its own. Is there something I'm not understanding here?