Anyone using a Touchscreen Monitor?

  • I am having problems with using a pen tablet where I must write on one surface and watch another monitor to see what I am doing.
    I am thinking about going to a touchscreen monitor to solve the problem.
    Is anyone else doing this?

  • @KenC
    by fragster

    I recently purchased Clip Studio Paint Pro, along with a Dell P2418HT touchscreen and a MEKO Precision Pro Series Fine Point Rechargeable Active Stylus. After installing Clip Studio Paint Pro, I can draw with my mouse, but the touchscreen will only drag a picture around (pen or finger). The pen/finger can select tools. Just won't draw. I tried changing touch preferences (file/preferences/tablet) from TabletPC to Wintab, and defining monitor 2 as the touchscreen. No change. M$ Paint works. I can even draw in paint with all 10 fingers at once. There's got to be a solution I'm not seeing here. Wondering if you ever did get a touchscreen, and how did it work out for you?

  • I have purchased Acer T272HL touchscreen monitor to display some information on a website to be used at my company. Need to say I am using this with a Raspberry Pi 2. I need to google a bit to make it work. Accuracy is great, I had an overscan issue I had to fix first, and now it is fine.
    This Acer provides a beautiful display and display angles are easily adjustable. The overall appearance of the monitor is also attractive. BUT, the instructions that come with the monitor are terrible.

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