.lip thumbnail preview not working anymore

  • Hello,

    When I open a .lip file in my Clip Studio Paint EX, I used to be able to see the image as a thumbnail.
    But something has changed - I don't know what - and now I can see only the gray symbols instead of thumbnails. Like this:

    http://i430.photobucket.com/albums/qq27/maidith/New canvas_zpstjyp48o4.jpg

    Changing the view mode (big thumbnails, small thumbnails, details, etc.) doesn't do anything. Neither does opening the "preview" section in the Open window.

    This makes it very hard for me to return to a specific comic page, because I have to open several until I find the right one I wanted.
    How do I get back to seeing thumbnails, so I can more easily find a file?

    Thank you and best regards

  • I had the same problem in my Windows 10 system and this solution worked for me: Open the folder where you store your Clip Studio files using Windows Explorer. Select the View tab and choose small/medium/large/extra large icons.

    Close Windows explorer and start Clip Studio Paint. Open your file dialog. You should now see images when the view mode is thumbnails.