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    Project Evolution ONE has now been out at CGbytes for over two weeks and seems to be doing fairly well. She was also released at Content Paradise recently, but I had to temporarily shut it down because of uploading issues. This will get corrected today probably. There is a fair to good chance that PE ONE will be available at Renderosity any moment now.

    Naughty Versions

    ONE X has also been on sale at Renderotica. I will soonish get the Futagirls done (futagirls are basically girls with willies, its a big thing in CG erotica). The futagirls will be mostly compatible with PE ONE content.


    The main issue with PE at the moment is obviously content, or at least conforming content that needs rigging. As expected, the main thing holding that back is the whole editing of JCMs thing, many people are not sure how to do that. Don't worry you're not alone. Plans to sort this out are as follows:

    • Video tutorial explaining how to rig stuff for PE
    • A script that puts PE in the right position to edit the JCM and also tell you which one (script might get updated when SM permits me to access internal Poser features, they were willing to help)
    • I am going to try help two/three vendors with rigging their stuff. Its mostly important basic wea

    In the meanwhile

    If you cannot wait for the things mentioned above, you can also get going by yourself. Here are a few things you could do in the meanwhile:

    • JCMs are not that hard to understand, they're just require a few more steps than normal morphs (more details below)
    • Check this thread out.
    • Make dynamic clothing. PE apparently works nicely with dynamic clothing.
    • D3D's

    Anyway, here are some tips on JCMs. Hopefully I can make a video soon to explain all this.

    JCM tips:

    • (like mentioned above, JCMs are not that hard to understand, they're just require a few more steps than normal morphs:
      -- They're just like FBMs/PBMs, except they get automatically dialed to 1 by a rotating limb.
      -- therefore they need to also be edited in the rotation that puts them to 1.
      -- LET POSER TRANSFER THE JCMS!! They're just like weight maps, the vertexes of the clothing need to match the path of the host's path.
      -- However, Poser transfers are sometimes not smooth, especially around the crotch. So you need to edit the JCMs...
      -- This is where it becomes a little annoying:
    1. Poser needs you to first convert them to post-transform, then edit them, then convert it back to pre-transform. Its a pain in the butt, but it works at least. This can only be done in p11.
    2. Some of them need to be done in a certain order, like the thighs, they dial in certain JCMs to take over from the one before it, but the one before it needs to be done first. Thankfully, the only most complex joint is the thigh. The knees and elbows use this too, but its just one axis.

    The basic procedure for rigging stuff for PE is:

    • Match the groups (if you're an experienced vendor, this should be a piece of cake)
    • Transfer the WM first. Use this injection on PE (not tested). It adds a dial that dials out all the JCMs so you can work on the WM alone. Ignore the wonky looking shoulders, I did that on purpose to get the polys to align neatly (interestingly you might find that if you activate the bulges in the shldr up-down it looks pretty decent, but its has very limited reach).
    • Now transfer all the morphs that have JCM_ in front of it (PE can be used, but preferably use the mannequins and just transfer ALL the morphs. They were designed to contain only the important morphs so that you don't have to scroll and choose.)
    • Check if the JCMs kind of work (they will need adjusting probably, but check if you're at elast 80% there already)
    • Sometimes, if you see weirdness in one of the legs, probably the left one, like ridges or shearing bodyparts, that could be because of component morphs being put in the wrong calculation order. To fix this, select the left thigh (or right), in the parameter palette, click the little arrow on the top right, in the little menu check "Display Calculation Order". You'll see that all the dials now get put into order. Scroll all the way down and if you find any JCMs below the Poser standard transform dials (scale, trans, rotate) drag those dials away from there and put them somewhere above the transform dials. Fiddle with the rotation and the morph should correct itself. I'm not sure why this happens, but this is how you fix it. (don't forget to uncheck "Display Calculation Order")
    • If the JCMs look decent enough, you can start refining them in order.
    • Make sure that you bend PE's thigh to the correct angle the JCM was designed for. The angle is in the name of the JCM: JCM_Th_Bnd90_S0_R = thigh bends 90, side-side 0 (my planned script should eventually do this for you)

    This is the order of the thighs:


    1. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S0_R
    2. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S0_L
    3. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S0_RLcorr
    4. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S0_R
    5. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S0_L


    1. JCM_Th_Bnd0_S89_R
    2. JCM_Th_Bnd0_S89_L

    Side-Bend 45:

    1. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S45_R
    2. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S45_L
    3. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S45_R
    4. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S45_L

    Side-Bend 89:

    1. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S89_R
    2. JCM_Th_Bnd90_S89_L
    3. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S89_R
    4. JCM_Th_Bnd135_S89_L

    This is the order for the Knees (you might not have to do these, knees transfer very well usually):

    1. JCM_Knee_bend_90_R_pml
    2. JCM_Knee_bend_120_R_pml
    3. JCM_Knee_bend_140_R_pml
    4. JCM_Knee_bend_160_R2_pml (there is no R1, don't worry)

    (do the same for left)

    • The elbows have a JCM at 80 and one at 130. Edit them in that order too (if needed).

    • Other JCMs like hand up & down, collar twist, foot up-down, are just singles.

    • However, although the shoulder up-down and fw-back are straight forward, there are two intermediary JCMs that correct the arm shape when the arm rotates both forward and down. The two JCMs in order are:
      -- JCM_Shldr_Fw_45dn_L_pml (shldr at Front-Back 89, Updown 45)
      -- JCM_Shldr_Fw_90dn_L_pml (shldr at Front-Back 89, Updown 90)

    We'll get there

    Yes PE is a little tougher to make stuff for than other Poser figures, but then again PE does things differently. Its up to you if you find PE pretty enough to make that extra effort. PE was designed to be able to squish and fold like a real human, and to do that in Poser, you need morphs to help you push vertices to places where WM cannot usually go, hence all the JCMs. There are also some scaling issues I couldn't resolve with Poser bulging, which worked better with JCMs. Now, obviously PE is not perfect, but its a start, and by prioritizing the bending over ease of rigging, hopefully I will have created an incentive for SM and others to look into refining morph transfer utilities, or perhaps even alternatives to JCMs in future. That might hopefully open doors to more outlandish and even more realistic figures in future.

    Now I know that there are as many opinions of what is 'realistic' in Poserland as there are members in the Poser community, and a mere hint of pride in one's figure is a total threat to another's, but this is my take of what I think should be at least approaching 'realism' and I choose to prioritize that above all else. Its is a risk I am taking, but I have to, because anything else would be a waste of time IMO. Its all been done before, I want to try something different. We have figures that slot into the content market perfectly, that's great and all, but there are people that want something more than just that, and we need to respect that they are out there and that they DO want that, regardless of our opinions. You do not have to jump on this train at all, this is not a trend, this is not some hipster statement, its just a figure that works in a certain way, for certain people, with certain requirements.

    To put it very simply, PE is the result of hundreds of people asking me about my figures in my scenes since 2012. This is how I've been doing my figures for years now. All I do is put artistic form before all else, and then I suffer the consequences... but its worth it IMO. If I can do it, I'm sure many others can do it. And in this world of CGI when people are spending millions on mocap, renderers, skin simulations, rigging tricks and techniques, my little puny JCMs are laughable in the grand scheme of things. PE is not even remotely as complex as some of the rigs getting built for Hollywood movies in Maya, Houdini, Modo, Marionette, Lightwave... hell even Unreal. People say I shouldn't even be bothering with Poser, actually, but Poser CAN do it. And why not? I don't see why we need to limit ourselves to easy-peasy WM. You can if you want to, but I'm going a different route. Feel free to join.

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    I hope this helps for now!!!

  • The pic needs an on/off switch so I won't get fired.

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    @erogenesis Thank you, will make some stuff more easy.

  • All I use is dynamic clothing, so I haven't run into the issues of conforming clothing. So all I can say is that PE does indeed work really well with dynamics.

  • I agree with @johndoe641, all I make / use is dynamic clothing and that works well (though I did make and release some conforming shoes, as a girl can't have too many shoes. For me the problem with that was being told I HAD to model the shoes to the Zero pose, even high heeled shoes. I finally managed to find a way around that but I haven't made any for a while now so might get the last out again)