Is there a way to transform the selection lines?

  • I want a shadow shape, so I wanted to select the shape, then flip the selection lines and stretch them. But I am not sure how to transform the selection lines without the selection. I can kind of fake it by transforming something, then deleting it, and then filling with a shadow color or whatever. Just a bit more work than I was hoping for. Thanks.

  • Duplicate the shape.
    Transform that shape
    Recolor that shape


  • Along the lines of what Micmac suggested, you could make your selection, fill the selection (on a new layer), and transform that.

  • Thanks you guys. I guess I'll make an auto action. Or I guess two. One to put the selected object on to a second layer and ready to transform. Another to delete the object and keep the new selection for coloring and merging back in.

    When I get it to work out smoothly, I'll post it here :-)

  • @michaelsammler Any luck with that?