Looking for Teen Boy for Poser

  • Hey people.

    There is really limited options out there about male figures for poser. I want to have a teen boy (about 12-15 years old) but i only saw 1-2 morphs at internet and "no" character with textures. I don't want to go for genesis models as i animate mostly.

    If you can help me about this, i would be very happy.. maybe i miss a gem at internet but no luck yet.


  • You can get teen Paul at Content paradise, this is a full character set for the Paul figure included with Poser 11. Not sure what age he's meant to be but here's a quick render of him0_1534500422470_paul teen.jpg

  • Thank you! I will try it..
    It's very strange that micheal 4 or dusk does not have something like that.. or it's well hidden that i never can find any..

  • Dusk has a figure Axel0_1534501611270_dusk axel.jpg .
    There are also the millennium young teens from DAZ, 0_1534501700622_paul n teens.jpg
    Millenium yt onleft, standard size Paul centre, teen Paul right.

  • Millenium one is what i am looking for as the age but is there any quality morph texture to use this days quality models and textures? Isn't it very old?

  • Yes it is old and you might not be able to find any quality content these days.

  • Thank you again.. i am between paul and axel now.. just if they were a little younger..

  • Lyrra..’s M4 Child Dial is scalable to all ages.

  • The Millennium Teens uses the Generation 3 textures IIRC (There's a Kids 4, but for whatever reason, I never got those) Luke and Laura uses V3 textures if I'm not mistaken. There are still some of those around for free.

    And now I must check out Lyrra's morph thingie ... O.o Never heard of that.

  • You can also use ColorCurvature's Python script to create your own teen using any 2 models. While it was made for Michael4 and Kids4, as long as you change the name of the figures on the parameters panel, it will work on any 2 figures.

    Here, I used the script on DuskSE and Baby Luna (morph dialed to 0.350). You get a morph that allows you to dial in any age between the 2 figures as well as maintaining clothing, characters, hair, etc. You only have to copy the morph to clothing for a good fit.


  • Here, I dialed the Color Curvature morph to 0.5

  • @RobZhena said in Looking for Teen Boy for Poser:

    Lyrra..’s M4 Child Dial is scalable to all ages.

    I tried it and it's good for now. Thx!

  • @Glitterati3D Too bad it's not available :(

  • @kalypso I have found Hannes/ColorCurvature to always be responsive to private emails/sales.

    You can contact him at Renderosity via Private Message or grab his email address directly from his site here: http://cgscripts.colorcurvature.com/

    And one more, playing around. Added Dusk's Chubby Body to the child and Seliah's Naatani character to both.


  • @Glitterati3D Thanks! I've done this before with Blackhearted for an older, discontinued product but I noticed colorcurvature doesn't even have a store any longer at Renderosity so I was afraid he had completely dropped out of the scene. Hope we can work something out :)

  • @kalypso You're welcome!

    Just remember, if you get the script, change your adult male figure to Michael4 and the child figure to The Kids 4 on the properties tab and it will work with any figures. Once the script is run, you can change the names to anything you'd like.

  • I had the same problem lately. I use the Michael 4 Child Dial by Lyrra and the body-texture of YU for M4 by fu-minn. I also use the M4 Morphs++ and set e.g Full Body Thin to 0.5 and Young to 1. I am totally satisfied with the results :)



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    You can always use Ben, the boy that comes with Poser.

    Here in default casual loading.
    As stated above, default, I did not do anything with him. "As is".

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    @vilters Maybe time to make some normal clothes for your girl. She looks like she´s right out of Herbertstraße.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Too soon.
    There are still too many changes in the obj file / rigging combination.
    This is just an easy test-outfit. All procedurals, no textures.

    Tja, you have to show "something" if you build obj/rigging without JCM.

    Unfortunately, and to my deepest regret there will be ONE JCM/dependency/breast for breast lift with arm up-down movement, but NONE in the rigging/bending.

    PS, this week was spend on the hair and hair-morphs and transmap.
    (Hair is most flexible being pure procedural on only a transmap) You'v all seen black, brown, variable and blond by now. Don't forget the traffic light. LOL.

    The figure is a tech demonstrator after all.

    The clothing has 3 vertex groups and seven bones.
    Chest, abdomen, and hip vertex groups, plus both collar bones (because the collars move automatically with the arms) and both thigh bones (no vertex groups).
    The hair belongs to the head vertex group, and moves with head and neck bones because the neck moves with the head. => that's all in the rig.

    No neck or collar movement requirements.
    They move automatically with head and arms just like in real life. => Dependencies and in the rig. => The lot transfers automatically in the fitting room. Testing of this part is also completed.

    Proper Clothing will be build when obj/rig is final. (And I can stop making hair morphs, Just having too much fun making hair morphs. LOL.)