Looking for Teen Boy for Poser

  • @kalypso You're welcome!

    Just remember, if you get the script, change your adult male figure to Michael4 and the child figure to The Kids 4 on the properties tab and it will work with any figures. Once the script is run, you can change the names to anything you'd like.

  • I had the same problem lately. I use the Michael 4 Child Dial by Lyrra and the body-texture of YU for M4 by fu-minn. I also use the M4 Morphs++ and set e.g Full Body Thin to 0.5 and Young to 1. I am totally satisfied with the results :)



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    You can always use Ben, the boy that comes with Poser.

    Here in default casual loading.
    As stated above, default, I did not do anything with him. "As is".

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    @vilters Maybe time to make some normal clothes for your girl. She looks like she´s right out of Herbertstraße.

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    Too soon.
    There are still too many changes in the obj file / rigging combination.
    This is just an easy test-outfit. All procedurals, no textures.

    Tja, you have to show "something" if you build obj/rigging without JCM.

    Unfortunately, and to my deepest regret there will be ONE JCM/dependency/breast for breast lift with arm up-down movement, but NONE in the rigging/bending.

    PS, this week was spend on the hair and hair-morphs and transmap.
    (Hair is most flexible being pure procedural on only a transmap) You'v all seen black, brown, variable and blond by now. Don't forget the traffic light. LOL.

    The figure is a tech demonstrator after all.

    The clothing has 3 vertex groups and seven bones.
    Chest, abdomen, and hip vertex groups, plus both collar bones (because the collars move automatically with the arms) and both thigh bones (no vertex groups).
    The hair belongs to the head vertex group, and moves with head and neck bones because the neck moves with the head. => that's all in the rig.

    No neck or collar movement requirements.
    They move automatically with head and arms just like in real life. => Dependencies and in the rig. => The lot transfers automatically in the fitting room. Testing of this part is also completed.

    Proper Clothing will be build when obj/rig is final. (And I can stop making hair morphs, Just having too much fun making hair morphs. LOL.)

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    SuperFly Ben after converting to RMZ (Reduced Material Zones) => Body, lashes and Cornea => Existing textures merged vertically => And out the door at 6 pixel samples. LOL.

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    @Glitterati3D The scaling scripts are cool and useful but the main issue I always see with them is that they don't incorporate child proportions. Kids have significantly different proportions than adults. The average adult is 7.5 head lengths tall, while a toddler is only about 4 heads tall and a teen would be around 5 to 6 heads. Is there a way to adjust for proportions in the scripts? I have one of them, can't remember which one right now, or which version of Poser I installed it to.

  • @AmbientShade Well, when you're done, all the original figure morphs work fine, so with Dusk, you can certainly do whatever adjustments you prefer. And the mixer morph created has the ability to dial in height.

    However, I find the child proportions like in K4 to be over emphasized in 3D. The head is just waaaay too big in K4 which makes the 3D renders all look off.

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    @Ghostman LOL

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    @vilters How do you move your neck without to move your head? And the collar, I can put up and down my collar without that my head moves. What are you? Alien?

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    Hi Ladonna.

    Lift your arm without thinking about it. What happens?
    => Your collar lifts too. => And your arm/collar twists.

    Turn your head without thinking about it. What happens?
    => Your neck turned too. And the same happens in side/side and bend.

    Arms Up-Down, or head movements are not stand alone movements. The collars and neck always move with them. That's the kind of dependencies in the figure.

    But no worries, no JCM's. LOL.

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    @vilters We talk about this
    No neck or collar movement requirements.
    Your collar moves and you head can not move without neck

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    Their movement is activated automatically when moving head and shoulders.

    Example : Shoulders go up-down? Collars also go UP-Down and the arm twists. Just like in real life.
    The end user does not have the "need" to add a collar movement because that is added automatically by the dependencies.

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    @vilters Interesting, I am not sure this will work. I am not a Doctor, but this look to me anatomically and mechanically incorrect.

  • @Ladonna
    I think Vilters uses what is more a translation dial to define up-down and forward-aft movement of the shoulder joint. The shoulder then for posing has 5 dials, two of which control the position of the collar bone. Similar for the head, 5 (or 4) degrees of freedom for posing.
    It sounds like an interesting approach that in theory would allow a more natural pose control 'language'. It does not include impossible separate movements like twisting a collar or overlapping movements like twisting the head separately from the neck or bending it sideways separately.
    I find it interesting and I am looking forward to see the result.

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    @fverbaas I am not sure this will work.When you move your shoulder, the collar moves, this is right, but the collar is not only connected to the shoulder.This is a whole chain which snap into another. Block one or two of them , makes the whole pose look wrong. my POV. Or my imagination is not good enough to get the whole picture.

  • @Ladonna
    From what I understand th mechanism is exactly the same, but the method of control is different.
    to move the shoulder joint up by 2 cm while keeping the shoulder bone at the same angle, you can z-rotate the collar by 10 degres say bu then you must z-rotate the shoulder bone by -10 degrees to avoid the elbow jumping up by 10 cm. From what I understand Vilters wants to do that with a dial in the shoulder actor that controls the collar bone.
    You would use different controls but the result is the same.

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    @Ghostman said in Looking for Teen Boy for Poser:


    Sort of totally goes against it doesn't it.

    Reeperbahn... lol

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    @F_Verbaas Sounds interesting, but I am still not convinced that this will work smooth. But I am open and hope he proof me wrong because this could solve a few problems.

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    it is way simpler as all you guys think. I"ll make a video about "How to get better bends". And as it is all in the rig, it transfers well to clothing in the setup/fitting room.
    No fiddling around any more it just works.