A case for UV morphs in Poser

  • Boobs.

    Ok and eyebrows... To be more specific, when you have a big boobie morph in your base figure, texture stretching in the figure as well as in the clothing the girl wears, is inevitable... unless you had a way to dynamically edit the UV map to relax along with that morph!

    3_1534595476243_UV morphs 1.png
    2_1534595476242_UV morphs 2.png

    See the second pic, the checkered pattern is super stretched. With real cloth (and clothsim) that wouldn't happen. It would get pulled around the chest to equalize a little. With conforming items this would result in loads of pokethroughs the moment you start rotating the figure in different angles. Morphs need to follow the host's vertices almost exactly to prevent this. So how about the UV map getting morphed.

    Morphs are nothing else but the original vertices getting told where to move to using a delta value per vertex. So why not the same for the UV map coordinates, they get their own delta, dU and dV, like you can kind of already do in the material room with BW masks, but then attached to an actual morph-style delta with its own editing tool set?!

    Eyebrow movement could also be done this way since eyebrows are not bones, they're just skin getting pulled over bone (the skull). Say you have a girl with a sharp brow, if she would raise her eyebrows, the sharp brow wouldn't morph along, the eyebrow and skin would roll over the sharp eyebrow, and a UV morph could do this!

    1_1534595476242_UV morphs 3.png
    0_1534595476198_UV morphs 4.png

  • For clothing I found good results by running a simulation for each breast morph in MD of a catsuit (as used in the CR2-Prefitter) with zero or low friction on the avatar. The result is taht the required extra length to span the breasts will be made by straining the surface over a much larger larger area of the suit than just the breast area only. This way, concentration of local strain is avoided.
    The results of the simulations are loaded into a base similar like the Prefitter-CR2 (a one-body part figure) and these morphs are copied into the garment. They overwrite the ones copied from the mannequin.


    The above is a 'raw' result of the copy process. No manual fixing done. Breast morph used on Evolution is 'Heavy'' set to 1.0.

  • @erogenesis a few folk, including myself, have closely examined the dPdU and dPdV material nodes for possible application in morph texture strain relief. I have certainly used a 2D wave to generate a circular gradient and applied that to U and V offsets of image map nodes to tweak nipple and nostril positions in texture maps that don't quite align correctly (it was more fun than just editing the texture directly, and much quicker to verify when placement was correct than waiting for Poser to reload textures). I've even added a mirrored and centred U gradient with a mask to raise the outer edges of eyebrows I wasn't happy with the in-texture shape of. Anything done in the material room can also be driven by valueOperations controlling shaderNodeParms.