Post your Evolution Renders

  • Well, it does mention that it is a "big" comfy couch ...

  • Here is render of PE rendered in Poser SuperFly for friend of mine,she asked me to render this as on her PC this scene always crashed and she couldn't render that,strange but here is it,wit her permission here is render

    alt text

    and same scene where I rendered Sasha-16 but rendered in C4D and Corona Renderer

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • I dunno what this was supposed to be but it's now more of a "create your own story" image.


    A few props, evenly lit non dramatic lighting, and your imagination.

    Who are these people? Is the woman in red the boss, or someone who just likes to sit behind desks!? Is the one in the white shirt late for a project, apologizing for getting the wrong coffee on the first day of her internship or defending a divisive decision from a meeting? And who is the woman in the background? Could she be one of their secretaries? Or could she be someone who sneaks into meetings and watched people argue then uploads them to youtube to increase her subscriber count!??!? Who knows, cause I don't! D:

    BTW All three are PE.

  • It's 3 women in 1 office and that is 2 too many.

  • @johndoe641 they're obviously in "The Matrix Armoury"! And THIS is what they'll be choosing weapons from!?

    Which reminds me that I need a new office chair. Mine has "The Mange"TM and is shedding, creaking, clanking and groaning worse than Banquo's Ghost! Happy all hallows!

  • @johndoe641
    The person who used the desk left the company som etime ago. The top of the desk is littered with magazines and loose trivial crap that has been coming in since she left the building. It was a she, obviously, because no man would accept a pink mouse. The can with the ruler and the pencils moved place over time.
    The position of the screen and keyboard and mouse indicated that she who left was right-handed. The notepad and pen were dropped by the Rose (red-shirt girl). The other girls are her team-mates. There was a team meeting this morning that ended in a big fight. Rose walked out, coffee in left hand, pad and pen in right hand and says she does not want to work in the team anymore while Lilly (the white shirt girl) is still there, so she claims the separate un-used desk. Violet (the girl wearing the blue-striped top) stand by and watches. There is little else she can do. The fight is between Rose and Lilly. It is about a man of course: Evolus, the young handsome office assisent (who dropped al the junkmail on the desk). He has been Rose's pet boy for a while, but Rose feels he is losing interest. She accuses Lilly of making advances to her Evolus.

  • @johndoe641 I'd like to see your light set up for that render.

  • @f_verbaas Ooooh names and everything, I like it! Though the guy Evolus, that name reminds me of the Mass Effect species called the Volus: Still, who could blame them?

    @eclark1849 There are no lights, it's just the old Reality render cube walls and ceiling ambients set to 1.

  • @johndoe641
    My pleasure.
    Meet Evolus:

  • 0_1542719402783_drow evolution.png

    Was in the mood to do a drow render. The dress is part of a freebie I'm working on. I didn't have anything to suit her so I created this.