Post your Evolution Renders

  • I've posted this one before but I never stop tweaking and working on my images, so it's updated with two background figures so it's not so desolate and some small fixes.


    Same dial spin character from the first image (gonna try and name and use this character a lot), but in more of a freeze frame - in between a moment/action - from a film, hence the 16x9 which I normally don't care for.


  • Okay so this time I applied the EZSkin SF Cycles from @bopperthijs to Ero's Night Elf character. I have to admit it looks pretty darned good. I guess my next step is going to be applying some warpaint and cosmetics to the lovely ladies of Project Evolution.

    alt text

    BTW the purplish tinge is down to the lighting not the skin colour. And yes, before you ask it was deliberate. :P

  • So here is my first attempt at Warpaint. I've been a fan of RuneQuest for many years so I went with a Vingan Warmaiden.

    alt text

  • Probably the last one for a few days. I tried out @Biscuits free make-up guide for evolution:

    alt text

    Obviously the key is too a) select the right blending options and b) not use the layers at 100%. I assume that's the intention anyway, because that's what I did. Shading layers were changed to multiply or darken and highlight layers either soft light or dodge.

  • Talking about war colours, LOL!

  • Another side of Project Evolution


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    This one is rendered in Octane. Pe with some custom morphing.

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    Another portrait of PE One.

  • @wimvdb I love the lighting. I'm curious though, could you achieve the same great lighting with superfly?

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    @johndoe641 said in Post your Evolution Renders:

    @wimvdb I love the lighting. I'm curious though, could you achieve the same great lighting with superfly?

    I think so.
    The first image has a very simple lighting. I use an HDRI for global lighting - in this case the shanghai nightview you see through the windows, a fire place which is a simple transmap of a fire used as an emitter, the tv screen, also emits a picture as light source (I cheated a but and made it a bit stronger as it should). I did add an extra emitter with a low value (one sided square) to give some extra light to the side of the face.
    So essentially I turned the lighting objects in the scene into real lights.
    I see no reason why SF could not do the same. The most important thing here is the HDRI. You have to use one which has not cut off intensity in the HDR. A VERY good source for these is HDRI Haven ( All the HDRI files are free and have very good intesity which lets you light up a scene even without additional lights.
    Which brings me to the second picture - this is just an HDRI. I used one of the small studio HDRIs from HDRI Haven. Nothing else, I just rotated the HDRI a bit to get more interesting shadows (all from the HDRI).

    You can use HDRIs several ways: With the Environment texture of SF, EXDome or the Environment sphere. All accept the spherical mapping textures which HDRI uses.

    The reason I use Octane is because it is much faster as SF/Cycles and has a lot more features.

  • Oh, @erogenesis , you're not allowed to join in, that's CHEATING!!! CHEATERRRR!!! CHEATEEERRRR!!!


    I made that rule, so it stands... so there! :P

    Anyway, this is AnnieEvo in a bikini... which is all I have for her at the moment. I'm not finished with her facial likeness yet, she has a bit too much cheek for my liking and, as much as cheeky girls get me laughing, Annie isn't quite so physically cheeky as this (in case you're confused, her cheeks are too... cheekish.) >.> I know what I'm on about, you'll get over it. ^_^


  • Thought I would join in and do a PE render. (Will probably do a few more, lol)

    This is what I came up with using the Yvonne morph and some dial spinning.
    Sporting Biscuits Zora hair

    ***=NSFW content (but you will look anyway....)***

    click to show

  • Just a couple I've done. First is done in firefly. Second in Superfly.

    0_1535022914926_Eveloution - Pudgy Elf Cave.jpg

    0_1535022930130_Evolution - MNE Kana Grunge Wall.jpg

  • @rlowens68 I really like the SF one it looks excellent. Where is the weapon she's holding from?

  • @amylbone
    That's one of the rifles from the Electro-Power addition for Cybertenko's Steam Rifle Kit.

  • @rlowens68 said in Post your Evolution Renders:

    That's one of the rifles from the Electro-Power addition for Cybertenko's Steam Rifle Kit.

    I had taken it for a vacuum cleaner; the latest model from Dyson.

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    @f_verbaas LOL, sorry had to laugh about this. I ask my self how did come in the Cloister like this?
    On my holidays we visit in the Provençe the Abbaye Notre Dame de Sénanque . Was hot like hell , but the woman had to cover their shoulder and no mini skirts :)

    But great pic . Like her Pose.

  • hey guys, I've gone into lurk mode while I round off some stuff for Evolution support, but I just wanna say I am very very impressed with many of the pictures here!! A lot of very unexpected representations and it gives me great joy to see that people are making Evolution their own. Well done and keep going!

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    ![alt text](0_1535093209339_pemyra.png image url)

  • @rlowens68 D'oh, of course it is. One of the Few of Cybertenko's products I haven't acquired yet. Thanks.