Change vector line antialiasing for existing lines

  • Hello! I can't figure out one thing - how to change anti-aliasing setting for already existing vector lines. It seems like it's a must have feature that should be there but it's not.

  • Chose the Object selection tool. Select the line you want to change. Then go into the Sub-tool detail palette (click on the Spanner/Wrench icon in the tool properties palette). In the Sub tool detail palette there's an entry for Anti-Aliasing. Click on that and you should see the options that's available for you.

    This works on a line by line basis on a Vector layer.

  • Thanks, so that's where it was! I thought it was supposed to be among "correct line" sub tools. That explains why it's not possible to connect lines with different anti-aliasing settings, because it's per line and not per segment.