Prop textures aren't making transition to other application

  • Long time owner but short time user of Poser here... basically a newbie.
    I'm trying to create animations with props in poser that I can export and use in the Outerra environment. The problem is that the textures for any props I add to the Poser content don't make the transfer to Outerra. I see the textures in Poser... in fact poser prompts me for the path to each texture when I load the props (my own models)

    Procedure for bringing the animation into Outerra is to :

    1. create the animation in Poser
    2. export as Collada
    3. use Blender or Autodesk FBX exporter to convert to FBX
    4. use Outerra to import the FBX (outerra doesn't like Poser's FBX output for some reason)

    I don't know whether the textures aren't making the transition because I'm missing a step in Poser, or because of some limitation with Outerra's import process. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    FWIW, all the textures are in the same directory as the collada file when I convert it to FBX... likewise when I import it to Outerra

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    Don't know the details of that workflow (I never export) but I do know that exporting is severely limited in how it can describe shaders. The texture maps (images) used in the Poser shader may be too complicated for the export engine. What does your shader (the nodes) look like?