Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...

  • Download page at ShareCG - A Few Books By The Cheapskate...
    Here's what I wrote on that page:
    A first test of a simple prop for populating all those empty virtual bookshelves.
    It's in Poser 6 Poser Prop format.There's a PMD version, plus a normal version so DAZ Studio users can use it too.
    There's a single 2048x2048 JPG texture containing 41 classic titles in paperback - you really should read them !
    The prop loads with the bottom left corner of the leftmost book at the origin.
    All 41 books are standardish-sized thin paperbacks (17.5cm x 10cm x 1cm)
    There's a morph to separate the books, and another to make them A4 magazine-ish size (29.7cm x 21cm x 1cm).
    And because having all books the same size is so boring there are two morphs for making them more random-ish.
    All morphs play happily together, and negative values work to some extent although some books turn inside out, and that's not a pretty sight!
    More details in the "Books To Populate All Those Empty Virtual Bookshelves"thread on the DAZ Freebie forum
    Hopefully I packaged everything up that's needed. It'seems a long time since I last did one of these...

  • 0_1535148866003_books 01 txt.jpg

  • Thanks Man. This looks like a fun project to learn morphs.

  • Hope you find them useful...
    For anybody who wants to do their own textures, I've added a template and helper image to the ShareCG download page and DAZ thread.

    @darthj I hadn't thought of using them as a stack of books, so maybe I need to add a couple of morphs to rotate random books slightly ?
    And I think she needs more books. Lots more books.
    (Thinks: I don't recall the librarians at my old local library dressing like that. ;o) )

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  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    Thinks: I don't recall the librarians at my old local library dressing like that. ;o)

    You're right of course, librarians always wear glasses !
    0_1535195635476_books 02.jpg

  • @3dcheapskate I started a morphing study inspired by you. Thanks for the inspiration .!!

  • @uncle808us I'm happy to have inspired you ! Morphs are fun, and creating your own is the best way to understand the ins and outs of them. For example, you'll notice that:

    • Some look good with any values in the range 0.0 to 1.0 (or 0% to 100%) , while others only look right when set to full value (1.0 or 100%).
    • Some look good with negative values too, and/or with values greater than 1.0 (or 100%), while others need to stick to a specific value/range.
    • Some morphs combine nicely, while some morphs tend to screw each other up if combined.

    One key thing to remember is that intermediate values of the morph dial/slider are interpolated in a linear manner. Morphs that are actually rotational (such as 'Lean' - really a rotation around one of the vertices at the bottom) can warp the mesh when set to values other than 1.0 (100%). If the rotation you use to create the morph is fairly small then the warping isn't really noticeable in the 0.0-1.0 (0%-100%) range. But try using larger values, or negative values, or combining with other morphs. (And don't forget that you can set limits on the dials if you find that they only work in a specific range)

    Have fun !

    P.S. You reminded me that I wanted some books in my rows to be leaning over. I just need to think about the exact details a bit more.

  • @3dcheapskate you could combine the leaning books with deformers which apply a rotation and have their base, magnet and zone objects replaced with a null.obj, so they're never visible, then drive the magnet rotation with a valueParameter on the book prop. Works at any angle, positive or negative.

  • @3dcheapskate
    Goodness Gracious!
    I just downloaded this and played with it.

    What do I say?
    This is simply great!
    Simply the most versatile book props I ever saw, so it will become my go-to if I have to populate a scene with books.

    Thank you also for making this light-weight!
    Other book props often are very poly-heavy, which excludes them from use in scenes with many figures (SASHA-16 has about 70.000 polys per instance).

    So your books are MOST welcome.

    Rated 10/10, with thanks.


  • where was this when I was doing all my library scenes? It will definitely come in handy for future scenes. thanks.

  • @anomalaus said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    @3dcheapskate you could combine the leaning books with deformers which apply a rotation and have their base, magnet and zone objects replaced with a null.obj, so they're never visible, then drive the magnet rotation with a valueParameter on the book prop. Works at any angle, positive or negative.

    That sounds really interesting, but I can't work out how to make a (magnet?) deformer apply a rotation. If I can do that then it opens up loads of possibilities I'd overruled in the past due to morphs being strictly linear.

    However, for the particular circumstances of creating a 'Lean' morph for a book in a bookrow, I can see an additional problem regarding the movement of the books further along the row. And what if I wanted a single morph with two books leaning at different angles, i.e. two different rotationcentres/angles.I guess that wouldn't work, and that it would be one rotation centre per morph+deformer ?

  • @karina Thank you! I made this specifically because none of the books / bookrows I've got did precisely what I wanted. And it was actually by coming unstuck trying to use those existing props that I worked out exactly what it was that I wanted !

    This is still very much an ongoing project. I'm working on a single prop/figure (anybody fancy geometry swapping bookrows?) containing six shelves full of books, with presets (maybe morphs, maybe poses, maybe smart-props) for fitting to various bookshelves that I happen to have. And of course, I just have to create some individual books, open and closed.

    I'm using my thread on the DAZ Freebie forum for updates,mainly because I love editing my posts hours/days after writing them, and the DAZ forums are the only ones that allow me to do that.

  • @redphantom Sorry, my time machine was in the repair shop ! ;o)
    (and that thought poses all sorts of questions and paradoxes...)

  • @darthj said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    ...You're right of course, librarians always wear glasses ! ...

    LOL - I 've only just seen that post !

  • @3dcheapskate Also, regarding 'Leaning' morphs for individual books within the book row, they didn't work well when used together with a morph that makes all the books taller and wider but with the same thickness (i.e. what became the 'A4 Size' morph)

  • @3dcheapskate the deformer base prop needs it's origin on the desired axis of rotation of the book, i.e. a bottom corner (which reminds me, since the deformer props get parented to the book, you can actually drive a translation of the base to move it from one corner to the other bottom corner with a dial on the book, so you could choose which corner the rotation orbits), and aligned with the edge of the book. The deformer zone needs its falloff to be constant at 100%, so every vertex rotates through the same angle with no distortion of the book. Choose which rotation axis of the magnet is to be controlled from the book rotation parameter, so you get what you need. If the base has it's origin on either of the bottom front corners of the book, you could even have a second rotation parameter of the magnet controlled to emulate tilting the book forward while removing it from the shelf.

  • @anomalaus I'll have to read through that a few times before I try it, but it sounds good.

    Meanwhile, I've been examining real world hardbacks and I've come up with this as a basic starting point - 72 vertices, 71 faces. It's all in the spine - I'd recommend everybody to have a good look at any hardbacks close to hand and compare them to what I've got here.
    The most obvious thing missing from this basic model is that many hardbacks have curved spines - simply splitting the spine on my model into four strips would resolve that. Note: half of the hardbacks I have lying around actually have dead flat spines.
    And of course the pages would be more bendy - once again simply splitting into vertical strips would resolve that.

    Here's what it looks like (one would perhaps be a morph of the other, or it could be turned into a figure):

    And here's a top view of the mesh, just in case it's not obvious:

  • I said "'s all in the spine..." but I meant to say "'s all in the way things are connected together around the spine..."
    (F#$%ing ridiculous 150 second edit timeout!)

  • Especially for DarthJ and his librarian, I've done a couple of morph targets to make a more realistic (and precarious) book stack.
    But I don't have 'enough privileges' to upload the MT files (700 line OBJ files- can't even upload in TXT form) here.
    So I've uploaded the MTs over on the DAZ Freebie forum - thank goodness for the DAZ forums ! (Did I actually say that?! ;o) )
    Here's the relevant post on the DAZ forum thread.
    I can upload a picture here though:
    0_1535384617517_Render 1.jpg